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Torrentset Questions:

Torrent is a popular way of quick, effective and virus-proof downloads downloading files from the internet. Torrent file sharing system has been in active use for a recent decade, but still there are people, who which have never heard this thing! At you will find the list of the most popular questions posed by firs-time torrent users.

Torrentset Answers:

What is torrent file and why is it so small?

Torrent is a specific file link that is similar to magnet for a file you want to download from the internet. It contains data on file location in personal computers all over the world, which have used the same torrent file. You download pieces of information from various computer-sharers and after finishing the download process you have a whole file on you PC. As it was said before, torrent is not the file itself, but a link to its location, so there is no need for a big file. Usually, torrent files look the following way: name.torrent or name.tor.

Where to find torrent files?

You can find torrent everywhere on the web, because many websites offer torrent providing services, BUT we offer you a better way – use our torrent search engine to find only torrents without any other additional information or ads. There is no need to filter torrent from other file types provided by standard search engines. We do it for you! website browses thousands of websites for the fastest torrents.

How to open a torrent file?

Use a torrent clients and open torrent files in them. All torrent clients can be downloaded from their websites totally free. Among most popular clients, there are Bitcommet, Bittorrent, Utorrent.

How effective is torrent download?

The download speed depends on various factors: the speed of sharers’ internet connection, the number of sharers and the popularity of the file. The speed can vary from rocket-fast speed to rather slow.

Can I stop and resume my download?

Of course you can and this is one of the greatest advantages of torrents. You can stop your download, turn off your PC and go to bed. Next day you can resume downloading from the spot, where you’ve stopped. It is very useful for large files.

Who are seeders and leechers?

You are the leecher, if you download the file. After finishing, you automatically start sharing it with other users and turn into seeder. Start using torrent advantages with and acquire everything you could have ever dreamed to obtain from the web.