Feng-Shui: Why is it not advisable to leave empty jars in the kitchen?

An ancient Chinese art, the Feng Shui philosophy aims to transform a cluttered environment to make it more peaceful, refined and harmonious. It is therefore a benevolent discipline that seeks to provide us with a certain balance in our lives, making our interior conducive to luck, well-being and happiness. To optimize the circulation of positive energies in the home, some rules must be taken into account. According to the specialists of this practice, some adjustments must be applied periodically to ward off negative waves. For their part, Internet users have even discovered that certain habits can ward off abundance and good fortune.

Why is it not advisable to have empty jars in the kitchen?

empty jars

Empty jars – Source: spm

Every Feng Shui follower should know that certain objects attract or repel the flow of energy depending on the materials, our customs or the elements that make up our rooms.

The fact of choosing an ideal place to install plants, a chair, a bed or a piece of furniture of a certain color is part, precisely, of all the beliefs of this discipline. Likewise, certain bad habits or involuntary mistakes can cause unhappiness, scare away prosperity and affect the harmony of the whole family.

For those who don’t know, Feng Shui is not just about the living room or the bedroom. The kitchen is not far behind: it is a very warm place, most often associated with family, hygiene and health. If you apply a few basic principles, you will make it a particularly pleasant and harmonious place.

The specialists offer you a series of tips to evolve towards a healthier and more welcoming kitchen:

  • Stale food and empty jars on the kitchen counter kill the good energy in the home. You must always have fresh products both in the refrigerator and in the cupboards. Also, fill your jars to send a positive message to the universe so that it floods you with good vibrations and brings prosperity to the house.
  • Knives should not be visible, as they attract the flow of negative energy. According to Feng Shui, sharp accessories should not be visible, and shiny utensils should absolutely be stored in cabinets.
  • Make sure your kitchen isn’t cluttered with unnecessary items, otherwise you’ll decrease your productivity. Avoid visual contamination and consider multiple storage areas for easy cleaning.
  • Appliances should be checked regularly. If one of them is broken, you need to take it out of the house so as not to bring bad luck and trouble.
  • You must avoid leaks: dripping faucets symbolize negative emotions or unconscious fears that remain unexpressed. Fixing the leaks helps calm those feelings.
  • Clocks and pendulums have no place in the kitchen, especially if you are used to dining there with your family. These are precious and quality moments where time should stand still.
  • Fundamental rule: being antagonistic energies, fire and water should not coexist together. If the sink is right next to the cooktop, then it’s best to install some kind of partition, like a wooden board.

Harmony is very important at home

An aquarium placed in the living room.

An aquarium placed in the living room – Source: spm

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, certain objects can bring you good luck. Lidia Fecioru, bioenergetic therapist, gives you some tips on how to attract prosperity to your environment.

“There are many things that bring us luck at home. First of all, the choice of furniture is very important. I didn’t really pay attention to it before, but it was a mistake. The furniture that we install at home has a very particular impact on balance and harmony (…). For the center of the room, I took a rectangular table with rounded corners, to keep negative energies away. Colors also have a certain influence: for me it makes more sense to vary the shades and have different colored walls in each room”.

“Burn incense and sage often. These scents are beneficial to protect the house and ward off evil spirits (…). Do not hesitate to install an aquarium at home. Fish are very symbolic in Feng Shui, they bring good luck. In the same way, if you want to have a plant, bet on bamboo, it is ideal to attract money and prosperity! »concludes.

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