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What happens when you dial *#0*# on your smartphone? The secret code that makes life easier

Find out how to use these secret codes and what happens if you type the code *#0*# on your mobile phone.

What happens if you type the code *#0*# on your mobile phone?

a smartphone

A mobile phone – Source: spm

All mobile phones have secret codes that open hidden menus and give you new data about your smartphone usage. When you type a secret code on the number pad of your mobile phone, you press the phone key and a menu will be launched to give you new information. These special codes also allow you to discover all the options available for the configuration of the mobile phone. For example, by typing the code *#0*# on your mobile phone, you can test your mobile device’s speakers and display.

– The list of the main secret codes of your Android mobile

android smart phone

An Android phone – Source: spm

These secret codes are available on all Android mobile phones. Before using them, you must be careful when typing these codes because they can launch menus that cause changes to your mobile phone. It is possible, for example, that you change all your data. It is advisable to save all this personal data on your phone before trying these codes :

  • *#0*# – Test the device’s display and speakers
  • *#*#2664#*#*: Perform touch screen test
  • *#0283#: Loops between microphone and speakers
  • *#0588#: Test the device’s proximity sensor
  • *#0228#: Show battery stats (also found with code *#*#4636#*#* seen above)
  • *#0289#: Play a test tune
  • *#0782#: Indicates the date and time configured on the device
  • *#0842#: Perform a test on the phone’s vibrator
  • *#0673#: Test the sound part (MP3) of the device
  • *#0011#: Shows basic information of the GSM phone
  • *#4777*8665: Test GPRS and device configuration menus

– How to write a secret code on an Android mobile phone?

numeric keyboard

A smartphone – Source: spm

To use these secret codes and open these hidden menus, you need to go to the phone app. Open the number dialer app on your smartphone. Then type the code with numbers and “*, #” signs as if you were dialing a phone number to call a contact. When you write the code, it usually runs by itself; otherwise, press the call key. Finally, you will see a menu appear with options or information displayed based on the code you wrote. For example, if you type the universal code *#06#, the screen of your mobile device shows the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity, the unique identification number) and the serial number of your phone. If there is no action on the screen of your smartphone, it is simply because the brand of the device has not integrated it into your mobile.

Some codes work on certain mobile phone models under Android and others are not integrated by the mobile brand. Depending on the smartphones, the codes are not always active and you will not be able to use them.

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