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What you have to do to extend the life of the washing machine: add that product you have at home

However, numerous studies have shown that most people hardly ever clean their washing machine. Many of them are even unaware that this lack of maintenance is directly related to the harmful consequences for their clothes. Not to mention the risk of exposure to bacteria and microbes harmful to health. Today’s purpose: take good care of your washing machine. Certainly, there are countless remedies to maintain it effectively. But sometimes, it is useless to resort to certain natural products such as white vinegar or baking soda. Other solutions are also very sensible.

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Washing machine – Source: spm

Beware of washing at low temperature with baking soda and vinegar

Experts said that combining liquid detergents with low-temperature washing is not without risk. Although this washing cycle is more beneficial for the environment, since it consumes less energy, care must be taken in choosing the cleaning product so as not to damage the machine in the long term.

While baking soda and white vinegar are highly recommended by many cleaning professionals for cleaning washers, these two products aren’t always the best choice for your washer. They are, in fact, powerful cleaners and disinfectants that track down scale and mildew deposits, but are most effective for deep cleaning over a long cycle and at high temperatures. Therefore, it should be used occasionally. In the long run, the abrasive effect of the baking soda and the acidity of the vinegar can damage the components of the appliance.

There are two important steps to follow in order to be able to use your device for a long time.

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Soda Crystals – Source: spm

2 effective ways to extend the life of your washing machine

First of all, the temperature of the washing machine must be high enough (90°) to eliminate all bacteria and guarantee an “effective” and complete cleaning of the appliance. However, the regular use of a low temperature (40°) is rather recommended to remove detergent deposits. They must be removed regularly, as they are responsible for bad odors and can cause bacterial proliferation.

Another essential step: for the washing machine to maintain its performance for longer, it is necessary to remove all traces of limescale. These mineral deposits can appear on heating elements, especially internal components. Obtained from the calcination of limestone, lime can reduce the efficiency of your machine and shorten its life. Not to mention that it causes limescale deposits that cause a lot of damage to the device by clogging its elements.

The solution ? To effectively clean your washing machine, use “soda crystals” with every wash. When you put your dirty clothes in the drum, pour in a handful of crystals and start washing. They will not only remove grease, stains and all the dirt, but they will also clean the device to a great extent. Another plus: these crystals have the ability to whiten clothes!

bad smell of clothes

Bad smell of clothes – Source: spm

How to get rid of bad smells from clothes?

Many people complain about this annoying situation. It happens that the clothes still smell bad even after washing due to some stains of sweat, food or other heavily encrusted substances. In these cases, a regular washing program will not be enough to overcome them. You will have to take other more drastic measures.

  • Soak your clothes for several hours in a mixture of water, white vinegar, and a strong cleanser. You can also replace the cleaner with detergent. Small bonus: Vinegar also acts as a fabric softener.
  • Another alternative is to add half a glass of baking soda to the drum of the washing machine. It is known for its deodorizing action and therefore will more easily expel less delicate odours.

By following these recommendations, you will obtain clean, soft clothes without unpleasant odours.

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