Do not throw away expired creams, here are 3 incredible uses that few people know

Facial products have the shortest period after opening. This corresponds to the duration of use of a product. When they pass their expiration date, cosmetic products such as face creams develop bacteria that can cause skin reactions, such as acne.

How to reuse an expired face cream?

face cream

Face cream – Source: spm

All cosmetic products have an expiration date. If they are expired, it is not recommended to use them, to prevent redness and rashes. That said, if the jar of your face cream is not finished yet, it is possible to reuse it in 3 different ways, even if it is expired, and thus avoid throwing it away.

  • Expired leather cleaning cream

clean leather sofa

Cleaning the leather sofa – Source: spm

Leather cleaners are expensive, so you can use products you already have at home to maintain the leather. In fact, you can use your expired moisturizer to clean all leather items. Whether sofa, jacket or bag. To do this, soak a cotton ball or cloth in your facial cream and pass it over the leather. Note that you can also use cleansing milk to clean the leather, but also to moisturize it. In fact, oily cosmetic products can nourish the leather. and prevent it from drying out.

Also consider using your moisturizer instead of polish to shine your leather shoes. The latter will thus recover their shine and the leather will be more flexible.

  • Expired furniture cleaner

Moisturizers are very effective to remove stains from furniture. In fact, these cosmetic products allow to maintain wooden furniture and remove white spots mainly caused by water. To do this, soak a soft cloth in your expired moisturizer and rub the stain in circular motions. You can also use your moisturizer to clean straw, rattan, bamboo or wicker furniture, and restore its shine. All you have to do is clean them with a cloth soaked in moisturizing cream and then polish your objects or furniture with a soft cloth.

  • The expired cream to remove stains on the floor

clean the floor

Clean the floor – Source: spm

Expired moisturizer is also effective at removing soil stains. You can use it to clean coffee stains, mud or sauce on vinyl flooring or linoleum flooring. Moisturizing cream can also be used to shine stained or worn parts of your parquet, whether it is laminated, waxed or vitrified. To do this, soak a cloth in your expired cream. which will act as wax, and rub the stains so that the parquet recovers its shine.

Along with these uses, you can take advantage of your still full jar of cream to make homemade wipes and remove dust that lodges in the frames or furniture. To do this, brush thin microfiber towels with moisturizing cream and let them dry. Then use them to catch the dust that covers different surfaces in your home.

That said, thanks to a jar of expired face cream, you will be able to clean and polish different surfaces in your home, such as the floor, furniture or leather goods. Please note that in addition to moisturizer, you can use other expired cosmetics in home maintenance. This is the expired deodorant to eliminate bad odors from the toilet, makeup remover or micellar water to remove grease stains, vegetable oils to polish the leather or the sink, or solvent to clean the joints in the bathroom.

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