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Here’s why you shouldn’t throw away store receipts.

You are given a receipt when you purchase an item. It constitutes proof in case of return, exchange or notification of defect or poor condition, particularly when it is a food product. But what is it also used for? Is it good to keep it or can we get rid of it after some time? Here is why it is recommended to keep it longer.

You want to change a product or return it

read the receipt

Read the receipt – Source: spm

Receipts for miscellaneous clothing, accessories or shoes should be reserved for at least 30 days or as long as the store’s return policy requires. There are stores that can receive products for up to a year. You may not be able to check each product, if it has small flaws, when you buy them in the store. Or maybe you just bought a pair of shoes that aren’t as comfortable as you thought.

Based on the receipt, you can return the products. The product return period will be different in the different stores, and the return condition, for most items, is to always have this receipt, but there are stores that do not have that rule. Always ask about product return policies. For online purchases, it is much easier to keep track, since all orders remain registered in a system, based on a customer account.

They help you save money

card reader

Card reader – Source: spm

Receipts can be used to save money. When you’re trying to set a budget, stick to the one you set at the beginning of the month, or when you get paid, saved receipts allow you to keep a journal of expenses. Although you can use home banking apps to see how much money you’ve spent, if you’re paying in cash, only the receipt allows you to keep track. By keeping track of your purchases, you can save money even on the small, inexpensive things you buy that are often unnecessary or unused.

They are useful to take advantage of the guarantee

recover receipt

Retrieve receipt – Source: spm

You will receive a warranty on electronic products, but you should retain any receipts you obtained at the time of warranty purchase. If there is a defect or the device is damaged within one or two years of purchase, you can use the warranty received. It is possible to extend the warranty for one year, two years or more, it depends on the item you purchased and the store’s policy. This can save you from having to replace a defective product beyond the warranty period.

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