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Phone drains fast due to 5 common mistakes many people make

We are going to share with you the mistakes to avoid so that your mobile does not download quickly.

What are the five mistakes to avoid so that your mobile does not download too quickly?

dead battery

A dead battery – Source: spm

Cell phones can discharge due to many reasons. Although we are aware that the battery of our mobile can be fragile depending on its capacity and memory, there are solutions that can help you conserve your battery for as long as possible. However, to prevent your cell phone from downloading too quickly, we are going to share the five mistakes that you should avoid when using it.

  1. Increase the brightness of the mobile phone screen

Brightness of the screen

Screen brightness – Source: spm

Android or iOS smartphone screens consume a lot of power. Therefore, it is important not to increase the brightness of your device when using it. Then, your mobile phone battery could run out very quickly. To conserve battery, you can reduce the brightness of your device’s screen.

  1. Use mobile phone while charging

phone in charge002

A phone charging – Source: spm

It is not recommended to use your mobile phone while charging. This action can cause the mobile device to overheat and affect battery performance. In affecting your batteryyour smartphone will download faster when you use it.

  1. Use applications that consume a lot of energy on the cell phone

If you use apps on your Android or iOS smartphone that consume a lot of power, it is likely to drain your device faster. In fact, if you are constantly connected to an application that consumes more energy, your battery will tend to discharge sooner. To find out which application consumes a lot of energy, you need to go to the settings of your smartphone. If you own an Android smartphone, go to your phone’s settings and go to the “Battery” tab. You will see all the applications installed on your phone and you will have the information about the percentage of battery used. If you have an iPhone, go to your device settings and then go to the general menu of your mobile phone. Then go to “Usage” and “Battery Usage”. You can also see the applications used and their percentage of consumption.

  1. Use a power management app on the cell phone

On Android smartphones, you can find applications installed to improve the autonomy of your smartphone, but while they can be useful in the end, in terms of form, they should be avoided. In addition, they consume a lot of energy.

  1. Use an app like App Cleaner on mobile phone

app cleaner app

The App Cleaner app – Source: spm

These apps like App Cleaner promise to clear your app cache and automatically close apps running in the background. However, like power management applications, they consume a lot of power. Especially since you can continue to use applications in the background on your mobile phone because closing them does not improve the autonomy of your smartphone.

These are the mistakes mentioned above that you should not make in order not to discharge your mobile phone too quickly. However, you can try to conserve your battery for longer by checking the health of your smartphone battery with a specialist.

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