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Why do flight attendants keep their hands behind their backs when passengers board the plane? the amazing reason


Stewardess – Source: spm

Flight attendants keep their hands behind their backs when picking up passengers – why do they do this?

Flight attendants (air hostess, steward) are the people who take care of the passengers throughout the flight and act as intermediaries between the pilots and the people on board the aircraft. They must abide by strict rules and show great concentration in every gesture. You may have noticed that at the entrance of the plane they are waiting for us with their arms behind their backs.

This gesture is not related to hygiene, nor to security, nor even to the protection of a valuable object in your possession, but is strictly a gesture of discretion with a very well defined objective. This posture in question is provided in the job description along with many other details and rules that you need to be aware of when traveling.

Flight attendants have a duty to count all passengers boarding the plane. In order not to make mistakes in the count, they use a very small special device to be able to hold it in their hands, which are placed behind their backs. Every time a passenger boards, he presses the count button. It is better to keep your hands behind your back so as not to draw attention to this action.

flight attendant uniforms

Stewardess uniforms – Source: spm

Less common rules that flight attendants must follow:

  • Your clothing is extremely important. Clothing should be simple, stylish, and comfortable so they can move freely in an emergency. They must also have a specialized career in the job interview and possess many qualities such as dialogue in other languages ​​or the ability to swim.
  • You are not allowed to chew gum or communicate on your cell phone while wearing your flight attendant uniform.
  • Foolproof hygiene such as shaving or trimming nose, ear, or armpit hair should be adopted when wearing an airline uniform. According to American Airlines.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the flight attendant uniform – According to the companies “Emirates, Etihad, Qatar”.
  • All flight attendants at the start of the trip, with no prior aviation experience, must be single. – According to the company “Jet Airways”.
  • If you have a mustache, “United Airlines” requires that you keep it. A certain length must also be respected.
  • The length of the nails should not exceed the tip of the finger by more than 3 mm — According to the company “Hawaiian Airlines”.
  • You are not allowed to have alcohol, cigarettes or pork in your home if you work for “Qatar Airways”.

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