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Why don’t public restroom doors go all the way to the floor? few people know that

You must have noticed they didn’t go all the way to the ground. Why did you create such an opening at the bottom of the door? No, this shortening was not made to spy on you, rest assured. It’s not to bother you anymore. This unusual design is not due to chance, many interesting arguments come to justify it. Here are 9 reasons!

public toilets

Public toilets – Source: spm

1. With these doors, cleaning is easier

From a hygienic point of view, as there is a continuous passage, public toilets need constant maintenance. Precisely, this design of the doors facilitates the task of the cleaning staff who have to go through it several times a day. In order for the cabins to remain operational all the time, it is easier and faster to clean them to remove all dirt, including mold.

2. As a security measure, it is easier to check if someone is not well

In order to have some privacy, many people who feel ill take refuge inside public bathroom stalls. However, they can easily pass out or feel unwell. When there is an opening at the bottom of the door, it is easier to spot a person slumped or unconscious on the ground. In an emergency, you can also call for help, we can hear you and come to your rescue more quickly.

3. These doors prevent people from doing illegal things inside the bathroom.

Some unscrupulous people use public restrooms to use drugs, engage in inappropriate sexual activity, or draw graffiti. These short doors are successful as they slow down possible acts of vandalism and inhibit the most daring who will think twice before being caught in an act of illegality. In other words, it is a true protection measure to keep the premises in good condition and avoid inappropriate acts.

4. These toilets cost less to build.

Unlike fully private bathrooms, which have floor-to-ceiling walls and doors, this design requires fewer materials and therefore costs will be reduced. By simple deduction we understand that the manufacture and installation of these doors are less expensive. The more the materials are reduced, the simpler and cheaper the construction will be. Logic!

5. This type of door favors better ventilation

This is a significant advantage! Public toilets tend to give off bad odours, so these large openings are very useful to prevent these unpleasant vapors from remaining inside the bathroom. Obviously, if the cabins were completely enclosed, an industrial ventilation system would have needed to be installed, and that would have cost much more. As the doors do not reach the ground, and also open at a height, better air circulation is favored and bad odors disappear more quickly.

public toilets

Public toilets – Source: spm

6. Lets see if restrooms are available

These short doors also allow users to check if the restrooms are free or occupied. This avoids many embarrassing situations. Unless the lock indicates that there is a person inside, when there is no opening, we are not always sure that the cabin is not available. Some tend to open the door directly: as long as it is not closed from the inside, it is quite unpleasant for both of them.

7. You can go out if you are blocked

Public restroom latches are generally not of the best quality. With time and use, they can easily get damaged and get stuck without warning. When the door hits the ground, the feeling of confinement can be very bad for some people, especially children. Precisely, if you find yourself trapped inside a cabin, to avoid panic attacks, the lower opening of these doors allows you to slide out. Or at least make it easier to ask for help so that someone comes to your rescue.

queue date public toilets

Queue in public restrooms – Source: spm

8. These doors allow people not to wait too long inside the cabins

At home, when they go to the bathroom, some tend to crawl. They take the novel or the mobile to calmly navigate through social networks. Except there, you have to change your habits. Public toilets are designed for an emergency, people pass one after another to calm a pressing need. Therefore, it is about respecting others and not wasting time. This is not the time to answer the phone or do your press review. Thanks to this opening at the bottom of the door, you only have to tilt your head to notice that someone is right behind them and is probably getting impatient. It’s still motivating enough to rush to clear the place.

9. Toilet paper can be put back under the door

Finally, the last reason is quite unusual, but nonetheless very relevant. As everyone knows, it is very unpleasant to find yourself without toilet paper. And given the frenetic pace of passage through these places, the lack of paper is very common. Don’t panic, you will find a kind soul who will help you. As the walls of the door allow it, you can easily ask the neighbor or someone outside to provide it to you. You can simply retrieve the roll through the opening. And voila!

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