Why is it smart to add salt to dishwashing liquid? The trick that changes everything

Known for its bleaching properties, salt has long been used as a laundry ingredient. On this occasion, it is useful for dishes with rebellious remains that will recover their shine with this mineral.


Salt – Source: spm

Why do you have to put salt in dishwashing liquid?

This unusual use, however, has a specific purpose: a cleaning effect like no other. Thanks to its consistency, salt can overcome scorch marks on pots and pans. To take advantage of this trick, pour a teaspoon of salt into a small amount of detergent, which you can prepare yourself. You can use a funnel to pour it directly into the bottle to which you add a little water. Then, close it and shake it to mix the ingredients well. With this solution, it is possible to easily remove traces of fat and food residues present in the containers, thanks to the abrasive capacity of salt. As a reminder, it is recommended to wear gloves when washing dishes.


Very effective ingredient to clean burnt pans – Source: spm

There are other tricks to adopt with salt

Beyond its ability to wash dishes well, salt can help you adopt advice that will be useful to you on a day-to-day basis. It’s all a matter of applying them!

– Extend the life of natural flowers with salt

To keep your flowers alive as long as possible, salt is ideal. Pour coarse salt in the bottom of a vase before adding cold water. You can also add Epsom salt to keep a nice piece of nature in your home.

coarse salt

Coarse salt – Source: spm

– Preserve wicker with salt

If salt acts as a powerful degreaser, it can act as an ingredient that can help you preserve your wicker furniture that tends to age when exposed to the sun. To take advantage of this trick, scrub your furniture every six to twelve months with a stiff brush soaked in warm water with two tablespoons of salt. It is a preventive method that would delay this natural phenomenon linked to sun exposure.

– Keep biscuits longer with salt

You can keep your sponges crisp and clean longer with salt. To take advantage of this trick, soak your sponges in a mixture of a liter of water and 1/4 cup of salt. Then let the sponges air dry and they will cool off.

dish sponges

Sponges for dishes – Source: spm

– Deodorize shoes with salt

This natural cleaning product is great for removing bad odors from shoes. To minimize this upstream inconvenience, deodorize your shoes with salt every night. pouring salt inside to absorb persistent odours. Your sneakers, ballerinas or moccasins will be cooler.

One thing is certain, salt is an ingredient that lends itself to a number of uses. It is an environmentally friendly household product that can save you a lot of money at home.

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