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3 secrets from dietitians to lose weight this summer

Magali Cros-Roig, Dietitian Nutritionist: “I listen to my hunger and increase my physical activity”

Gain a little weight, it happens! I am not scared, because I tell myself that the kilos gained quickly will be lost quickly. My strategy: Rebalance my intake by reducing portions and the amount of starchy foods. Usually, in these fitness phases, I prepare a bowl cake in the morning: it’s very simple, delicious, it takes five minutes to make and this cake has a low glycemic index, which prevents cravings in the following hours as well as the fat. storage. To prepare it, simply beat an egg in an omelette in a bowl, mix 4 tablespoons of semi-skimmed milk, 4 tablespoons of oatmeal and a teaspoon of yeast, and strain everything in the microwave for two minutes.

Nothing like being stuck all morning! At noon and in the evening, I reduce the amount of starchy foods, avoid overloading myself and give pride of place to vegetables. I keep an eye on my hunger so I don’t eat more than I need, forcing myself to eat slowly and chew several times before I swallow.

When I have a snack with the kids, I’m careful not to laugh and have a cupcake or two, even if it’s tempting. Instead, to satiate myself, I have a big bowl of cottage cheese or a Skyr [une sorte de yaourt islandais, ndlr], in which I add fresh fruit. hungry? I pick cherry tomatoes. I always have them in my office or at home, in the kitchen. And, above all, I try to drink more, in small sips throughout the day, to regulate my hunger and make me feel full faster. At the same time, I increase my physical activity: if I do my 6 km every day, I add forty-five minutes of physical activity, once or twice a week, in a fun way like dancing with my daughter, playing tennis with my son or swimming, especially in the summer.” *Instagram: @dietmag75.

scale measures weight

Balance to measure weight – Source: spm

Florence Foucaut, dietician-nutritionist: “I am revising my eating routine and I prefer to ride a bicycle”

When I gain 2-3 kg, I know why: I did less sports than usual, accepted more snacks or ate more cakes. It is enough for me to rectify the shots to see them melt quickly. So I review my food routine: in the morning, I have a coffee with milk without sugar and only eat a little bread, decorated with butter and jam; at noon I prepare a dish based on starches, a portion of white meat or fish and vegetables and finish with a yogurt; at night, I avoid starchy foods as much as possible and don’t eat cheese. I usually prepare a salad made with cucumber, tomato, sesame seeds, a little avocado and tuna and, to finish, a yogurt and fruit. If I have an afternoon craving, I start with a glass of water or tea.

If that’s not enough, I either move dinner ahead a bit when I’m around, or allow myself a small snack to avoid snacking on fatty and sugary foods during the meal, opting for a fresh fruit or a dozen almonds. When I have to eat on the go, I prefer to anticipate than having to buy a prepared meal. I have a simple, light and quick recipe: I prepare two homemade spring rolls.

In a rice cake, I put strips of carrots, some lettuce leaves, some Chinese noodles cooked in water, coriander, chicken breast or shrimp and sesame seeds. I finish with white cheese enriched with a few pieces of fresh fruit or a raspberry coulis. At the same time, I increase my physical activity: from two rowing sessions a week, I go to three, and I prefer to cycle to work, that is, 15 km round trip three times a week. Thanks to these efforts, I lose my pounds in a week to ten days at the most.”

cut vegetables kitchen

Cutting vegetables in the kitchen – Source: spm

Marie-Laure André, dietician-nutritionist*: “I structure my meals more and avoid fats”

When I gain a few pounds, I’m pretty zen, because I know it’s temporary and I’m going to get back to my normal weight pretty quickly. I structure my meals: in the morning, I prefer porridge made with oatmeal, chia seeds, yogurt and fresh fruit or a little fruit coulis; at noon and in the evening, a structured plate with vegetables, a portion of animal or vegetable protein, a little cereal and a simple dessert such as fruit or natural yogurt, sweetened with a little honey or a homemade fruit coulis.

I allow myself a small snack, most often fruit-based. I am especially careful to avoid fatty foods like cheese, chocolate, cookies, and ice cream. But, if I am hungry between meals, I don’t hesitate to eat! It’s a sign my body is asking for fuel, so I give it to it. I prefer fresh fruit, a few almonds or cashews, a good piece of rye bread…

To keep myself motivated, I have a few tips: I prepare a bottle of fresh water to which I add lemon juice: it acts as a “slimming reminder” to encourage me to reduce the small pleasures and move more, just long enough to find the silhouette. that suits me. I alternate with a lemon and ginger drink, especially detox, made with an organic lemon, 2 cm of fresh ginger, a liter of water and a touch of acacia honey. In a saucepan I put the water, the lemon cut into pieces without removing the skin and the ginger. I let it heat up and infuse for 5 minutes, filter, add a teaspoon of honey and taste it cold or warm.”

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