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Why do mosquitoes bite some people and not others?

Keeping mosquitoes away can be a real concern in the summer. However, some people are more prone to being bitten by these pests. Discover the reasons why mosquitoes choose specific prey over others.

Being bitten by a mosquito is unpleasant. Some people are more vulnerable and may suffer more from mosquito bites and itching than others.

Why do some people get more mosquito bites than others?

If it is possible to repel biting insects with skin repellents, certain skins are more likely to attract mosquitoes.

– Carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes

Mosquito control can be a real obsession for those who are bitten at night. Did you know that it is the female that causes these bites? These insects attracted to standing water are also attracted to carbon dioxide. When we exercise we emit more carbon dioxide and this can potentially alert a nearby mosquito. Athletes are the main prey for these biting insects that can be dangerous in tropical regions and carry the Zika virus.

mosquito bite

Insect bite – Source: spm

– Your body odor can make you more prone to mosquito bites

Mosquitoes love certain compounds found on human skin but also in sweat that attract mosquitoes. These elements are ammonia but also lactic acid that are present in the epidermis. The probability of being bitten is also genetic. If one of your parents tends to be bitten by mosquitoes frequently, this may be the case for you. Furthermore, according to a to studyit was revealed that these pests would be attracted to the scent of the twins’ hands. Bacteria present in the skin tissue. are among the factors of vulnerability to this bite that causes itching. Scientists attest that those who have a wide variety of microbes on their skin are less likely to suffer from this annoying nuisance, as explained in this article. to study published in PlosOne.

mosquito breeding

Mosquito breeding – Source: spm

– Colors promote mosquito infestations

Although it hasn’t really been explained, these biting insects are attracted to the color black. The same goes for dark colors. You will have understood: if you want to avoid those itchy bites, use lighter colors!

– Heat is a factor in the appearance of mosquitoes

The spring season, a season when it is good for the garden, warms up our skin and the weather is milder. only problem: High temperatures are a factor in the appearance of mosquitoes which can detect heat in the dermis and land there.

– Drinking alcohol attracts mosquitoes

If alcohol has a reputation for being bad for health, it would even attract mosquitoes after consumption. people who drink beer they are particularly appreciated by these harmful insects.

Mosquitoes bite specific parts of the body.

While mosquitoes, which you can easily steer clear of, bite any area of ​​skin to feed on human blood, they still enjoy biting certain places on the body. according to one to studythese flying insects have favorite places to bite. This is the case of the head and feet.. In question: always the sweat and the temperature of this area, especially hot and humid.

One thing is certain: mosquitoes do not bite randomly. Whenever you combine two or more of these factors, there is a high risk of being stung this summer.

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