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Phone: Why should you avoid using silent mode? Totally discouraged

Actually, putting the silent mode, to disable your notifications on your mobile phone, would not be a good idea, here’s why.

Why you shouldn’t silence your cell phone

Silent mode

Silent mode on smartphone – Source: spm

There are times when you don’t want to be bothered by all the notifications on your mobile. Text messages, calls, app alerts… all these ads can distract us if you are at work or if you want to disconnect from your smartphone for a while. One of the first things we think about to disable all these notifications on our mobile phone is to activate the silent mode.

use of smartphones

Smartphone use – Source: spm

However, by disabling the general mode of your mobile device, you will still tend to want to check your android smartphone or under iOS. Even if you think you’ll cut down on screen time by turning on silent mode, you’ll still be tempted to check what’s happening on your cell phone screen and in your notifications. This is because silencing your device and disabling its notifications would increase the number of times a user checks their phone to catch up on social media shares they may have missed.

– FOMO syndrome, the fear of losing something on your cell phone

according to one to study done on this topic One of the reasons for this addictive behavior would be the FOMO syndrome (Fear of Missing out) or fear of missing something. It would be an irrepressible need to go check your notifications and the arrival of a message that you might miss. This FOMO syndrome is also due to the need to be constantly in contact with others and to be aware of the latest news. FOMO could be related to the anxiety of being isolated from the world and from others. People who are victims of this FOMO syndrome could not resist the temptation to use their smartphone and would be almost dependent on the sound, light and vibration that displays a message on the screen of their smartphone. With the number of tools that smartphones offer, more and more people will find it difficult to detach from their mobile device. By activating the silent mode on your mobile phone, the FOMO syndrome would be multiplied by ten. The study’s findings suggest, therefore, that activating silent mode could be counterproductive.

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