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These 5 zodiac signs like to ruin other people’s lives: they are the meanest

For some it is fun, for others it is revenge or any other negative emotion. Various reasons motivate these signs to want to destroy the lives of others. Either way, your evil it can prevent them from making friends and forming strong relationships.

The 5 zodiac signs that enjoy ruining other people’s lives


naughty ram

Aries Sign – Source: spm

Aries is considered one of the most destructive of the zodiac. These Fire Element natives quickly give in to their recklessness and impulsiveness without thinking about the repercussions this could have on those around them. In addition to letting their emotions take the lead in their actions, Aries can tend to be selfish. The comfort of others is thus relegated to the background and friendships or love are not left out. And for good reason, Aries doesn’t always manage to keep the relationship stable because he will always be looking for new experiences. Unfortunately, the representatives of this sign who give in to this tendency. hurt more those who are close to them for this indifferent attitude.

The Twins

naughty gemini

Gemini Sign – Source: spm

Gemini has a double-edged quality and that is unpredictability. In fact, his position can constantly change according to what suits them and this, in serious cases, can result in the betrayal of others. They can be mocked and ruin the lives of targets while forcing them to conform to their wishes. In love, they will precisely avoid entering into a serious relationship so as not to hurt their partner. Also, they do not like to depend on another person. Their unpredictability also means that they can appear suddenly and then disappear from our lives without warning.


naughty sagittarius

Sagittarius Sign – Source: spm

Like Aries, this other representative of the Fire element easily gives in to his impulse and sometimes even shows himself to be quite extravagant and intrusive. For example, you may find pleasure in impressing on others things they don’t necessarily want to hear. while imposing without his vision of the world. If you are friends with him, it is above all with the wear and tear that you end up suffering the consequences of his toxicity.

Like Gemini, Sagittarius greatly prefers to avoid long term romantic relationships because he rarely assumes his responsibilities in front of his partner.

The fishes

nasty fish

Pisces Sign – Source: spm

Some people born of this sign like to play the role of blameless and supportive souls before revealing themselves completely different from those who are too attached to them. Its toxicity is usually hidden behind a nice and attractive looking surface, however, the more time passes, the more we can realize its toxicity. If all Pisces are not of this order there are several who use this stratagem to achieve their end. They even get some pleasure when their friend or partner shows their confusion. Also, if they help you without hesitation at first, they demand a refund in the future.


nasty scorpion

Scorpio Sign – Source: spm

Here is the sign that can be considered the most difficult to live with in the zodiac. This representative of the Water element is particularly narrow-minded and when he has an idea in mind, he does not take into account the opinion of those around him. In addition to this posture, Scorpio is strict and that is the least we can say because if we have the misfortune to take a wrong step towards him, he will not forgive you, even if you have not had any bad intentions.

The selfishness of Scorpios can be responsible for many injuries inflicted on their loved ones because they are in constant competition with others. In love, their jealousy is manifested and they can even play their partner out of sheer exhaustion. A confrontation might even entertain them.

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