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Where can you leave your cat or dog when you go on vacation? 8 possible solutions

The holidays are coming up and you have almost every detail planned. But, there is still one to solve: where do you plan to leave your pet? Because, for some reason, although it is difficult to part with you, your furball cannot accompany you. Since some animals require more care and attention than others, the choice of location should not be trivial. It is important to choose the best option. So you can rest easy knowing your dog or cat is safe and in good hands. Here are our suggestions for you to go on vacation with peace of mind.

Where to leave your dog or cat when you go on a trip?

Logically, if you are going to make a fairly long stay, it would not be beneficial to leave your pet alone at home. You will be left to your own devices, you will not be able to feed yourself properly, you will run the risk of becoming stressed and barking (or meowing) at the slightest noise (disturbing the neighbors when passing by!), looting furniture, plants… In short, this is not One option.

If you can’t or don’t want to take your pet on vacation, here are some smarter solutions so that your pet is well cared for and doesn’t lack for anything during your absence.

1. If you have to stay home, leave a spare key with a friend, neighbor, or other trusted person.

Keeping him at home is a feasible option only if you are only going away for a few days and if you are convinced that he will be watched and well supervised by a loved one. Thus, this person will go to see him as often as possible so that he does not feel abandoned. The best thing, of course, is that this person is familiar to you so that you feel safe and confident. In addition, you can take him out of the house to get some fresh air and take care of his diet.

2. Take it home with your friends or family

hold cat

She holds the cat – Source: spm

If you have the possibility, it is always preferable that your pet goes to spend a stay with a close person, as he does not like to be alone at home, having company would not be a luxury. If your parents are happy to have him with them for a few days, don’t hesitate. Your pet will be much safer with a family member they already know very well. And she will be relieved to know that she is in good hands. You can bring your dog or cat to your loved ones with all their equipment (bags of food, toys, etc.).

This solution is the most recommended, because even if you change territory and even if you alter your habits a little, being with people you know will reassure you much more. This option is most recommended when dogs are very sensitive or easily startled during environmental changes. Save a lot of stress!

3. Find a quirky accommodation that allows pets

Of course, if you get the chance and if you really insist on bringing your furball along, take the time to choose your destination carefully. Find a pet-friendly housing unit so you can travel together. That said, remember that this kind of epic isn’t easy. Your vacation is likely to be quite tumultuous, because you will have to take good care of it and always be on the lookout!

4. Take him to boarding school

As you probably know, there are many pensions especially dedicated to cats and dogs whose owners leave home for rest or professional reasons. Don’t worry, these establishments are used to welcoming pets. Therefore, they are well rehearsed and handle these types of situations perfectly. Like a child, your pet may be a little wary and stressed at first, but the excitement will quickly set in. These types of places are full of enjoyable activities, so they will be especially well cared for and well supervised. On the program: a game room, dedicated staff for walks, water and food and other animals will be there to socialize with your dog or cat. He won’t get bored or complain about your absence!

NB : To facilitate your stay in this type of place, it is strongly recommended to bring your pet a few days before departure so that they can get used to this new environment. At the same time, and for greater peace of mind, you will have a clearer idea of ​​the treatment given to animals. The more you attend the activities that are offered, the better you will decide if it is right for you.

5. Choose a pet shelter

This option is similar to the pension option. With the difference that it is rather associations or groups of caregivers that make their accommodation available to animal owners. In this way they bring their help to people who have no choice but to travel without their animals. So, same principle, you will have to make sure you make the right choice by opting for the sitter who would get along best with your dog or cat. Naturally, if you don’t feel any complicity between them or if something bothers you, it’s better to opt for another solution.

6. Opt for a vet

veterinary dog ​​cage

A dog in a cage with a vet – Source: spm

This option is to clarify, because it must be understood that it is not a canine pension. Therefore, before considering this solution, it is important to carefully check the conditions under which your animal will be cared for. A veterinary center is not designed to function as a “fun” establishment. Animals are also often housed in cages or very small spaces. In other words, if your pet is quite dynamic and very active, he may not be able to tolerate this type of place. For your own well-being, it is best to think carefully to decide on the most favorable environment. The idea precisely, so as not to feel guilty for leaving without him, is to leave him in an environment more in line with his temperament and where he will be happy.

7. Hire someone to take care of your furball

play with dog

She plays with the dog – Source: spm

The “dog-sitter” option is very popular in the United States. You got it right, it’s a “babysitter” for dogs. As long as it is, the idea may be appealing, as long as your furball doesn’t change its surroundings. You can leave it at home. Except that instead of its usual owner, it will be in the company of a person that you will hire to take care of it full time. At least for the period of your stay. Ideally, choose someone you already know and who is very attached to your pet. You should also be confident enough to give him the keys to your house. Because this person will stay with you for a while. And if your dog is already used to it, don’t worry, he will feel comfortable and will not experience any particular change.

8. Leave it in a hotel for dogs or cats

Finally, the best for last, the hotel choice is obviously royal! It is the ideal option for very active and sociable animals. Especially for those who behave perfectly well with other animals. Suffice it to say that the setting is particularly pleasant, offering a list of fun activities. Here, pets are pampered from head to toe. As a general rule, hotels for dogs/cats have all the necessary equipment for their maintenance and well-being. Some even have additional services, such as swimming in the pool. Of course, all this luxury comes at a price. But your pet deserves it, right?

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