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Astrologers predict a twist of fate for 3 zodiac signs in the coming days

Discover the signs of the zodiac that will see their lives turned upside down in the coming days. The natives of these signs will live a difficult period.

Which zodiac signs will be upset in the coming days?

zodiac malaise

The signs of the zodiac – Source: spm

This New Moon in Cancer on June 29 will continue to be felt in the coming days. It launches a new cycle of 6 months that allows us to offer ourselves a new beginning. Cancer is a Water sign known for its very maternal side that encourages us to take stock of our emotions. New Moons are synonymous with new beginnings, so it is also a time for representatives of these signs to experience changes in their lives. These transformations can affect them on an emotional level and turn them upside down for days to come.


annoying sagittarius

The sign of Sagittarius – Source: spm

This period will be very difficult for the representatives of this Fire sign. Sagittarians will have to take stock of their romantic relationship. They will have to take stock of their surroundings. People they consider to be close friends or family members may disappoint them and not live up to their expectations. If the Sagittarians in a couple are going through a separation, it is possible that they will manage to mourn it during the next few days. This New Moon in Cancer could also bring you some financial changes. Sagittarians must review investments upwards to hope to earn a good sum of money, otherwise they risk losing everything.


upset capricorn

The sign of Capricorn – Source: spm

Capricorn relationships may undergo some changes during this new cycle. With this New Moon in Cancer, Capricorns will experience some shocks in their relationships at work, in love or in their family and emotional life. They could move to get away from this negative energy. Especially since Capricorns could experience a separation that would push them to change their place of life. They don’t seem to be aligned with the location of the stars and are likely to be overwhelmed by their emotions.


upset lion

The sign of Leo – Source: spm

This new cycle will not be very favorable for Leos. They will feel exhausted after intense weeks of hard work. The hour will be of rest for this sign of Fire that will have to recharge its batteries. This period will be very difficult for Leos who are used to going out and being with their friends. The next few days will be decisive and they will have to learn to rest and take time for themselves. These moments are important so that they can preserve their health and not end their professional career in exhaustion. The fiery zodiac will also need to be concerned about his mental health and perhaps consider starting therapy to help him externalize his emotions.

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