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Expensive fuel? No one knows this little trick that will save you a lot of money

We are going to share with you a trick that will make your day-to-day life easier and will allow you to save a few euros on your gasoline or diesel tank.

What is the trick to save fuel?

fuel station

The gas station – Source: spm

Although the price of gasoline is constantly increasing, it is possible to earn a few euros by following this trick. It can help you save money by going to refuel at the gas station. There is a solution to saving a few pennies at the pump on a liter of fuel thanks to this little-known tip.

– Choose your time carefully to refuel

sunrise full of gasoline

Early morning refueling – Source: spm

The price of gasoline and diesel has reached record highs and refueling gasoline makes all motorists tremble. Indeed, the price of gasoline has exceeded the symbolic threshold of 2 euros and depending on the tanks of the car, a full tank can reach 100 euros. However, there is a trick that could save you money at the pump. If you usually pour gasoline or diesel when you leave work, after discovering this trick, you will probably change your habits. Forget the end of the day to refuel, to save money, it is advisable to go to the gas station, early in the morning, as the TURBO site broadcasts. In fact, it’s the best time of day to fill up your car. Because when the fuel is cold it is denser and therefore the weapon delivers more fuel for the same price. Conversely, in the middle of the day, when the fuel is at its hottest, it could expand and take up space in the tank. Especially since you’ll still be paying full price.

It is also not recommended to press hard on the gun when taking gasoline at the pump. If you insist on the nozzle when refueling with diesel or unleaded, the fuel flow will be too high and vapor will form. Pressing the nozzle too hard will not get the gas out any faster and you may get fuel that evaporates. In conclusion, you will pay the same gas bill for a different amount of fuel. So remember to have a light hand when holding the gun on your vehicle’s tank.

Another tip to save on fuel prices

fuel price

The price of fuel – Source: spm

Even if we become a little more reluctant to fill up with the increase in fuel prices, there are tricks to save some money on gasoline.

– Prefers supermarkets to refuel

To refuel in a liter of gasoline, choose filling stations located in supermarkets. They are generally less expensive than oil company stations, although they are still a safe bet. In addition, supermarkets regularly offer proportional offers to save you some money.

With these few tips mentioned above, you can save some money on your fuel. It is also important to have responsible ecological driving to reduce fuel consumption.

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