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How to recognize a bed bug infestation? What should you do to remove them?

Bed bugs are difficult to see with the naked eye. These approximately 5 mm long blood-sucking insects can sting and cause pain. Their bites cause local itching but also redness and swelling. Here we show you how to know if you have the unwanted presence of bedbugs at home, these tiny parasites that, as their name suggests, attack bedrooms but especially beds and mattresses.

These usually fit between the seams of your mattresses. That’s why bed bugs breed and feed on your blood while waiting for you to arrive to bite you at night.


Bedbugs – Source: spm

These are the 5 signs that we have bedbugs

Bed bug infestations are quite common, but you should know that they are not related to cleaning the environment.

To spot them in beds, just look for one of these 5 signs:

1. An unpleasant odor in the room.

An unpleasant, moldy, or musty odor could indicate a bed bug infestation.

2. The presence of exuviae

It is the outer covering that an animal loses during moulting. You can find many of them both in the bedroom and between the mattress.

3. Bed bug eggs

They are white to gray eggs visible to the naked eye and each female can lay up to 500. The eggs hatch in 7-10 days and it is not uncommon to find whitish spots on the mattress. Identifying bed bug eggs will allow you to understand the severity of the infestation.

4. Stains of feces

In addition to white spots, you may see dark spots. Some have well-defined contours, others do not. They are bedbug droppings. You can also find them as black dots.

5. Small blood stains on the sheets

It can happen while you sleep crushing more than one which could explain these blood stains on the mattress.

Remedies for bed bug bites

Bed bug bites are manifested by a rash and the appearance of itching. Symptoms usually disappear within a week without the need for treatment. To relieve itching, you can always use:

  • aloe vera gel
  • tea tree oil
  • A damp cloth to soothe the affected area

In case of fever, pain or redness in other parts of the body, it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

bed bug bites

Bed bug bites – Source: spm

How to eliminate bed bugs?

To maximize your chances of success, it is necessary to combine a mechanical treatment with a chemical one: with a vacuum cleaner, vacuum all the corners of the infested room and throw the contents of the deposit in a garbage bag that you will take care of yourself. close. Fabrics, blankets, sofas, etc. They must be vaporized. with a semi-professional team rented for days. The next day, give way to insecticides: you can find them in specialized stores. It is recommended to wear a mask during the operation. Note: “These insecticides will be effective for fifteen days”, points out the expert who specifies that, although thermal treatments have been developed for several years, the chemical repellent is still the most widely used.

Dry-clean the bedding and/or put the pillows in the freezer (if it’s big!) for five days. Otherwise, pack clothes and bedding to wash in 60° water.

Renter or owner, who pays?

Since 2018, the treatment must be reimbursed by the landlord, unless the tenant is responsible for the problem. With an average cost of €600 for professional treatments, however, in 41% of cases, the tenants are the ones who pay. “Some rare home insurance policies cover part of the costs. »

Faced with the resurgence of bedbugs, the government has launched, since 2020, a prevention and control plan, with the site and the dedicated telephone number: 0 806 706806. You will find didactic sheets that help to recognize these insects and locate their favorite places and tips for not taking them home, especially after a trip to the hotel or rental. Step One: Sift bedding, furniture, and walls upon arrival. Back home, remove your suitcase from the bed and check your clothes and personal effects before washing or heating them to at least 60°C.

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