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Wearing a ring on the right hand has a very special meaning: find out

Discover the meaning of wearing wedding rings and why we have to wear them on the left ring finger.

What is the meaning of the wedding rings?

wedding rings

Alliances – Source: spm

The alliance refers to the union between two people or two families. This tradition of alliances has existed since ancient Egypt. Originally, wedding rings did not have any precious value, they were made of hemp or cane. It is a symbol of love and a pledge of fidelity. The ring would be chosen, at the wedding, as an allegory of infinite love because it has the shape of an endless circle. Today wedding rings are made. with metals such as white gold, rose gold, or the money and often the bride and groom add an inscription in memory of this memorable day.

– Why do we wear the alliance on the left ring finger?

left directory alliance

The wedding ring on the left ring finger – Source: spm

This tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the left ring finger would have its origins in ancient times. According to beliefs, the ring finger is the only finger that has a vein that connects it directly to the heart. This “Vein of Love” would be the reason why the bride and groom wear their alliances of precious stones on the left ring finger. This tradition would later be passed down to the Romans and then to the Gauls. In Asian countries, each finger represents a member of the family. the older represents you, the thumb represents your parents, the index finger your brothers and sisters, and the little finger your children. Finally, the ring finger would correspond to that of the couple. But in some countries, the cultures and rituals are completely different.

– What does a wedding ring on the ring finger of the right hand mean?

right hand wedding ring

A wedding ring worn on the ring finger of the right hand – Source: spm

As our colleagues at RTL tell us, in France, the wedding ring is mainly worn on the ring finger of the left hand, but there are countries where it is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. This is the case of Germany, Holland, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Russia or even Sweden. Traditions also diverge within the country according to Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant religious traditions. This difference finds its explanation in the Bible. In fact, it would be written that “the right side is the good side that brings luck”.

There was even a time when men in France had to wear their wedding ring on their right hand so as not to forget that they were married. The men being mostly right-handed and this allowed them to remember that they were no longer single. Wearing your wedding ring on the ring finger of your right hand can also have a completely different meaning. It can also mean that the person is a widow. She shows that she is no longer bound by a union, but will always remain important to her.

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