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Honeycombs or wasp nests at home: plant this flower and they will disappear

If you notice colonies of bees or wasps in your garden, it is probably because there is a nest that houses these species. Only that making it disappear is not always necessary. And for good reason, these insects, especially bees, play a critical role in pollination and biodiversity. However, if his presence annoys you, you can drive them away without killing them. Planting a plant will allow you to push them back forever.

proliferation of bees

Proliferation of bees – Source: spm

What is the difference between bees and wasps?

Before fighting against the presence of bee or wasp nests on the balcony, it is first important to identify the difference between a bee and a wasp. The former is characterized by having brown and yellow stripes while the latter has black and yellow stripes and is less hairy. It is also important to note that wasps, unlike bees, are not pollinating insects, but play an identical role in certain plants, such as orchids or fig trees, which depend on wasps for their pollination.


Diptera – Source: spm

When should a honeycomb be removed?

While some may deliberately choose to keep a bee nest, there are circumstances when it is necessary to dispose of it. This is the case, for example, when it comes to protecting your children or if a member of your family is allergic to the bites of these insects. To avoid any risk of presence of colonies, you can opt for an effective method to get rid of them permanently.


Beehive – Source: spm

What plant to repel bees and wasps?

To eliminate any risk of invasion, it is recommended to fight against the presence of bee and wasp nests on your balconies and terraces. To do this, nothing better than planting Calendula officinalis, also known as calendula. This fragrant flower emits a pungent odor that repels these insect species and deters them from settling in your home. It is often planted around swimming pools to keep bees away. To top it off, it will perfume and decorate your home to perfection.

potted marigold plant

Potted marigold plant – Source: spm

There are other plants to cultivate to avoid this inconvenience. Among them, the fragrant geranium, lavender, basil, wormwood or sweet woodruff. The intense odor of the latter disturbs the sense of smell and the nervous system of bees and wasps that will no longer want to settle in your home.
You will have understood: exterminating bees damages biodiversity and does not represent a solution. Other methods allow you to keep them away from your garden or terrace, such as diffusing incense or using natural repellents with essential oils. Gestures that protect you from painful and potentially dangerous bites.

How to eliminate a swarm of bees?

swarm of bees

Bee swarm – Source: spm

If, despite your best attempts, you cannot keep these unwanted insects away, use other more radical methods. It is about contacting a beekeeper who will remove the swarm of bees from your garden or terrace to install it in his apiary, or call the services of a company specialized in the extermination of bee nests. This will prevent any risk of painful bite or invasion.

Repellent plants keep bees and wasps away. This preventive technique allows you to avoid bites!

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