Unbearable heat in summer? Here’s how to freshen up the house with a simple trick.

It may seem paradoxical, but although the summer season is the favorite of the vast majority of people, the heat can make the ambient air in the house unbearable. Hence the interest of keep our house as cool as possible. With these simple methods that we share with you, you can easily achieve it

Summer heat

Summer heat – Source: spm

Simple tips to cool the house in summer and beat the heat

Because not all of us are the same in the heat of summer, there are many who can’t stand it. Thus, any trick to maintain the freshness of our interior is welcome to withstand these conditions. These simple gestures will help you enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature without relying entirely on air conditioners when the heat hits.

– Lower the blinds to cool the environment and fight against the heat

lowered blinds

Shutters lowered – Source: spm

During the hottest hours of the day, it is important to keep the blinds closed or ajar to prevent the sun’s rays from entering the room.

Also consider placing plants on the balcony to act as a screen against the sun’s rays. You can also give preference to light-colored curtains so that sunlight reflects into the house.

– Beat the heat while using the air conditioner intelligently

If the general trend when using an air conditioner is to favor lower temperatures more, this habit only increases the costs of the electricity bill. Ideally, air conditioners should be activated between 8 am and 9 am at a temperature around 23° to save money.

– Consider heat sources such as appliances and lights

As you can imagine, the lights on and the appliances running can also generate heat. So if you’re not using your microwave, TV, or mini-fridge, it’s best to unplug them. Also consider removing power strips.

– Simulate a cool wind with a fan when heat manifests in the house


Fan – Source: spm

Instead of using the air conditioner, you can ensure you enjoy cool “sea breeze” air from a fan by making a move worth the detour. To do this, place a container of ice cubes in front of the air emitted by your fan, preferably large to enjoy fresh and pleasant air.

– Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to remove heat

If you have exhaust fans in your kitchen or bathroom, you can use them to suck out hot air caused by cooking or hot showers. and evacuate you out of your apartment or house.

– Adjust ceiling fans to beat the heat

If you have ceiling fans in your home, you can adjust them to create a wind breeze effect that will allow you to enjoy cooler air. That’s why, adjust it counterclockwise every summer season.

– Changing bedding helps beat the heat

Another way to refresh a room is to change the bedding every season. But for the summer in particular, the most sensible option is to opt for cotton textiles as they stay cooler and breathe easier.

All of these tips should allow you to avoid using the air conditioner and lower the indoor air temperature.

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