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Before the summer heat hits, here’s what you need to clean

Before the heat becomes intolerable, we must act by doing some smart cleaning. Follow these tips and stay one step ahead.

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What to clean before the sweltering heat hits

By following a series of tips that can help you carry out your cleaning sessions without having to endure a climate that is too hot, you will benefit more of your free time.

The idea is to clean taking advantage of pleasant temperatures, It is preferable do housework in the morning or in the evening to enjoy of a warmer and cooler climate.

So it is necessary to strategically focus on the areas of the house starting cleaning fans and air conditioners. It is best to start with these devices that are used in summer so as not to waste your cleaning. In fact, they produce fresh air and can give off dust and dirt if they are not cleaned beforehand.

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Air conditioning cleaning – Source: spm

Then you will dedicate yourself to other areas of the house such as bay windows, windows and shutters that are still essential in summer to protect us from the sun.Next, you will move on to the maintenance of the terrace, the garden or the balcony to turn it into the ideal space for beautiful summer evenings.

By keeping the house in this order, you will save unnecessary effort during summer cleaning and you will be able to make the most of your home during the month of July.

Quick cleaning methods to keep your home clean in hot weather

Here are some quick tips and advice to keep your home in the summer and make the most of your living space.

– Eliminates bad odors from garbage when the heat is strong thanks to baking soda

sprinkle two or three tablespoons of baking soda at the bottom of your rubbish bins and you will end up with the odors that emanate more in summer. During the summer season, do not hesitate to adopt this habit.

– Remove dirt from the barbecue

Who says summer, says barbecue days in the garden or on the terrace of your house. To get ready to spend pleasant days in the sun, surrounded by friends and loved ones, it is better to anticipate and clean your grill to prepare your favorite hamburger or your meat skewers. To do this, start by rubbing the barbecue grills with a sponge soaked in a soapy solution to clean them of grime and grime before rinsing them off. Then pass a cloth soaked in water and white vinegar to complete the cleaning and disinfect your device. Your barbecue is now ready to have lunch with your loved ones!

These tricks are supposed to make cleaning sessions easier for you before the heat turns stifling. Don’t let cleaning be a drag on your free time!

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