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How to clean the detergent drawer of the washing machine: it will be shiny

This is a fairly common problem. Laundry tubs are prone to powdered detergent residue buildup and sometimes even mold. In addition, detergent residue may end up building up in the detergent drawer and causing your clothes to not wash properly. Let’s find out below, the 3 most common reasons for the accumulation of powdered detergent in the drawer.

traces of dust in the washing machine drawer

Traces of powder in the detergent drawer – Source: spm

The 3 reasons why dust remains in the detergent compartment of your washing machine

A detergent drawer must be kept clean and free of detergent residue at all times. so that the laundry is carried out impeccably. That is why it is necessary to eliminate all the reasons that can cause the accumulation of dust.

  1. You put too much detergent in the detergent drawer of the washing machine

Adding too much powdered detergent can cause a buildup in the hose between the drawer and the drum. This is therefore likely to create an obstruction which will prevent the contents of your detergent drawer from working properly. which will affect the washing efficiency of your clothes. As a result, dust residue and standing water are found in your dispenser and, in rarer cases, a water leak from the front.

What you can do is locate the hose on your machine and manually remove the blockage after you turn off the machine. It is better to use liquid detergent instead of powder. and respect the recommended dose.

  1. Your washing machine is not resting on a flat surface

It could also be that your detergent drawer is not emptying properly due to incorrect positioning of your machine. If, for example, the surface on which it rests is not flat or the feet of the appliance are not level, the water jet cannot properly suck up powdered detergent or even fabric softener.

  1. You are using the wrong detergent in the machine

pour detergent powder detergent drawer

Pouring powdered detergent into the detergent drawer – Source: spm

Problems also arise when the wrong detergent is used. For example, if you have a high-efficiency washing machine that uses less water than a traditional washing machine, you should use a specific detergent. Also, a powdered detergent can cause blockages due to insufficient water pressure. If so, the water will not dispense the detergent from the drawer. In addition, excess soap suds can also be the cause of dirt buildup.

It is also important to clean the drawer regularly and the compartment in which it fits to prevent the accumulation of detergent residue and limescale. These can block the water jets that are normally used to dissolve the detergent contained inside the drawer. It is better to refrain from using bleach to clean them.

How to clean the detergent drawer of the washing machine?

clean scrub brush drawer

Clean the drawer with a scrub brush – Source: spm

To properly clean the detergent drawer, do it outside its compartment. If it resists, pull it out and press the latch on the back to do so. Prepare a bowl of warm water to soak the drawer for a few minutes, then scrub off any soapy residue with a scrub brush or old toothbrush. Then proceed to rinse and then use a clean paper towel or cloth to dry your appliance component.

How to unclog the water jets?

If the water jets that dissolve the detergent in your drawer are clogged, you must unclog them before putting it back in the compartment. To do this, you will need to spray an anti-limescale cleaner into the holes. to break the solidified foam layer before rubbing them with the toothbrush. Note that white vinegar can be effective for this task. Then wipe the area with a damp cloth and finally rinse off the descaler and residue.

After reinserting the drawer, run a rinse cycle to see if the water flows correctly through the jets. To check, you can slightly open the tray to see if the water jet is working properly.

The drawer is an important key element of the washing machine whose maintenance is still important to guarantee the good quality of your washing.

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