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The trick to find a lost mobile at home in 1 minute: don’t waste time looking for it

If you can’t get your phone to ring, you can use geolocation to find it. A trick of a few steps will help you find your cell phone in minutes.

How to find your lost smartphone?

It is possible to locate a mobile in a few steps if you have lost it at home. You can get your hands on the device again with this method and this, even if you put it on silent.

– Quickly locate your Android smartphone?

If you have an Android phone, it is possible to locate your lost device with a Google account. But for this method to work, your smartphone must be turned on and connected to it. This activates the “Find My Device” feature because pre-installed Google apps like Google Maps will help you find your smartphone. To get started, you’ll need to sign in to your Google account on your computer and select your mobile phone from the list of devices. Tap “Find My Device” and within seconds you will see the last known location of your device. If you have lost your mobile at home, click on “Activate the ringtone”. Your phone will ring even if it is on silent. The bell lasts 5 minutes, enough time to find it. The smartphone is a mine of secrets known to experts. A secret code lets you know important information related to your device.

locate phone

Find your phone location – Source: spm

– Locate your IOS smartphone

If you want to locate an Iphone mobile, you should know that Apple has an application called “Search pre-installed” in each IOS device. To localize the latter, you must use another device with the same operating system as your device in order to use the same platform. Once you’ve visited, hit Settings, then enter your Apple ID before clicking Locate. Next, you will need to click on “Enable offline search” and “Send last position”. This information will help you know if your phone has been forgotten at home or elsewhere. Then go to Settings, then Apple ID and scroll down to see all your devices. After clicking on the iPhone that you have lost, you will be able to access the map with the directions to your device. Just like Android devices, you can activate a ringtone on your smartphone. You can also remotely wipe your device if you are not at home to prevent fraudulent activity on your device.

How do I find my smartphone if it has been stolen?

A trick allows you to locate your smartphone if it has been lost or stolen. The features provided by the manufacturer provide a powerful location service to find you. If you don’t have a Google account, these platforms will be able to tell you their location in just a few clicks.

1- How to find a Samsung smartphone

Samsung devices have mobile tracking that works similar to Google’s Find My Device option. If it has been activated upstream, you can track your device whenever you want through the website or platform. Thanks to this option you will be able to know the last location of your cell phone. This feature also allows you to extend battery life, but also retrieve messages and phone calls.

2- It is possible to find a smartphone with an application

If it is possible to locate your smartphone with Google, other applications can help you find it. Thanks to GPS technology, they can allow you to lock your smartphone, but also to read messages and transfer your calls. At the instance of the Locate app pre-installed on iPhone, you can also delete your personal data remotely. For this, it will be necessary to discharge upstream Application Where is my Droid? that will be very useful in case of theft or loss of your mobile device. This program can also use the camera to take a photo of the thief and send it to the police. The location can be used to find your device. You can also use this technology to locate your child.

You will have understood: losing or having your smartphone stolen is not inevitable. You can locate and call him remotely in just a few simple steps!

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