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What you should do to lighten your hair in the sun and get natural blonde highlights

Since chemical dyes are detrimental to hair health, more and more women are turning to natural alternatives. In fact, it is possible to lighten the tone of your hair naturally and without spending money, simply thanks to the sun’s rays.

How to lighten hair in the sun and get blonde highlights?

In reasonable doses, the sun is beneficial for the health of our hair. In fact, it stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D and therefore helps calcium to adhere to the hair. The sun also activates blood circulation in the scalp. However, despite these advantages, beware of excesses. Prolonged exposure to rays of the sun could dry out the scalp and cause the appearance of dandruff.

If our skin darkens under the effect of the sun, know that the hair tends become more clear This is because hair is made up of dead matter. It does not react to ultraviolet rays. The skin, on the other hand, is a living matter that reacts to the sun’s rays by producing more melanin, the pigment responsible for the color of the skin. That said, when the sun’s ultraviolet rays attack the cells that produce melanin, called melanocytes, the pigments break down. and this is how the hair becomes lighter. Keep in mind that exposing hair to pool chlorine or sea salt can to amplify hair lightening, And for good reason, salt and chlorine have an oxidizing effect on hair, helping to lighten it even more. This is why our hair naturally becomes lighter in summer, especially after swimming at the beach or in the pool.

lighten hair in the sun

Lighten hair in the sun – Source: spm

That said, to show off beautiful blonde locks this summer, wet your hair with sea water, as soon as you get to the beach. It is best to soak your hair for a few minutes in water, so that the salt penetrates well into your hair. Then expose your hair to the sun’s rays. watching apply your sunscreen on the skin, to avoid sunburn.

What are some other tips to lighten hair naturally?

To amplify the lightening phenomenon of your hair, you can, in addition to the sun’s rays, use natural products within your reach.

Light hair

Light hair – Source: spm

  • lemon to lighten hair

Lemon is known for its lightening action. he is used to lighten dark spots on the face, but also to obtain golden reflections in the hair. To do this, mix the juice of a lemon with a glass of water and pour its solution into a spray. Spray the mixture on your hair to moisten it, before your usual shampoo. Then expose your hair to the sun for about an hour. Pay attention do not abuse the lemon so as not to damage your hair, and be sure to moisturize and nourish your hair after each wash.

  • honey to lighten hair

Honey is effective at lightening hair, and for good reason, it contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase that helps break down the glucose in honey. to produce peroxide. The latter is effective in lightening hair. In addition, hydrogen peroxide is a compound found in chemical coloring intended to lighten the tone of the hair. That being said, honey let you for a more natural and healthier version of hydrogen peroxide, to get golden reflections without damaging your hair. In addition to its lightening action, honey is an effective emollient to moisturize hair and limit water loss. Your hair will become shinier and more flexible. To prepare a natural honey-based dye, simply mix four doses of honey with one dose of water in a bowl. Stir well until combined and let sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Then, put a towel around your shoulders so as not to stain your clothes, and apply your dye to your hair, using fingers to distribute mixture. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap and leave it on for at least 2 hours. All you have to do is rinse your hair with lukewarm water and wash as usual.

Simply thanks to the sun’s rays, you can lighten the tone of your hair and obtain beautiful golden streaks, without damaging the hair fiber.

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