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WhatsApp: The trick to change the voice in your audios, just press this button

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in the world. It continues to innovate by always offering more features to its users. As for voice messages, some tools are not available in the app, such as the tool to change your voice to audio. So, if you want to surprise one of your contacts or if you are one of those people who doesn’t like their voice on a recording, this tool is for you!

How to change your voice in WhatsApp audios?

It is possible to add a touch of originality to your audios by modifying the voice with third-party applications. However, not all of these tools are related to WhatsApp. Check out a sample app that works for sure!

– Opt for “Voice Changer” app on WhatsApp

voice changer

Voice Changer – Source: spm

If you are one of those people who do not like the sound of your voice or you just want to surprise one of your friends on WhatsApp, a free solution allows you to change your voice for free and safely.

To do this, access the “Voice Changer with Effects” application by downloading it from the Google Play Store. At this point, the application will ask you to access the microphone of the mobile. After accepting all permissions, tap on the microphone to start recording. Listen to your audio to verify its content before finishing. From then on, you will have access to a list of effects that you can try. After choosing your effect, click on the three little dots on the right. These will give you access to the sharing options menu. Now all you have to do is select WhatsApp and the contact you want to share the audio with.

There is a similar application for iPhones, under the name of “Voice Changer Plus”. It allows you to share edited audio in the same way. Download this app from app store, then open it and click the red icon to start recording and choose the type of voice for your message. To send the message, click on “Publish” and then choose the chosen platform to send the audio message.

Other Nifty WhatsApp Features for Audio Messages

Although some WhatsApp features such as “Voice Changer” are not available, the application continues to innovate, always developing more options that improve the user experience. These are the main functions of audio messages.

– Listen to WhatsApp audio outside the app

It is now possible to listen to audio outside of a discussion and even outside of the app. To do this, simply press the “Play” button to read your voice message and exit the app. This action will not stop the audio playback and will save your time when doing other task on your phone!

– Pause an audio on WhatsApp

Among the other novelties of WhatsApp, we find the one that allows you to pause a voice message and resume it later. This very practical option prevents you from restarting an audio from the beginning if you are interrupted or if you want to think about what you want to say before you send the audio. The same goes for voice messages received by a contact.

– Point to important passages in a WhatsApp audio

display curve

WhatsApp display curve – Source: spm

In addition, the application offers you the possibility of better orienting the important passages of an audio. Through the display curve displayed in the voice message, you will be able to identify the passages during which your contact speaks. To make it easier for you, WhatsApp has also added a button to speed up reading speed (x1.5 and x2).

If you are looking for an option to change your voice, now you know what to do. Feel free to try the other new voicemail options!

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