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How to prevent eggs from breaking during cooking?

Almost everyone knows how to cook an egg. A little boiling water, a suitable time and ready. However, you never really know why, but sometimes a very unpleasant little incident occurs: the shell breaks in the middle of cooking. From there, the egg white spreads in all directions and we are left with a work of art rather than a very oval hard-boiled egg. To get a really perfect egg, you can always try the little-known thumbtack trick and poke a small hole in the shell. Quickly find out how to make this hole without breaking the egg and what is its advantage.

Why is it so smart to stick a thumbtack in the egg shell?

boil eggs in water

Boil eggs in water – source: spm

What do you need ? Raw eggs and a thumbtack (this works with a pin or needle too). A little patience and intuition will also come in handy. But rest assured, the task is not that difficult, and the effect will surely exceed your expectations.

Previously, take them out of the refrigerator and wait until they are at room temperature. So the secret is to pierce the rounded end of the eggs before cooking. Thanks to this trick, they will not break during cooking. Of course, the hole must be very small and shallow. Unfortunately, this method won’t work if the egg is already cracked. So, first of all, look carefully at the shell to make sure it’s intact. Also, this little poke won’t cause the inside of the egg to leak as it cooks. You do not have to worry about that.

But by the way, why puncture the rounded end of the egg? Well, in this place there is an air bubble, the piercing of which will reduce the pressure and prevent the shell from cracking. Smart, right?

How to prevent eggs from breaking easily during cooking?

hard boiled eggs after cooking

Hard boiled eggs after cooking – source: spm

Do you often wonder why your eggs crack when you cook them? The main reason comes from the temperature change. Most people have an instinct to take eggs out of the fridge and immediately drop them into boiling water. This is a mistake: therefore, it is preferable to take them out of the refrigerator in advance to warm them up a bit. If you are preparing hard-boiled eggs, you can safely put them in cold water and turn on the stove. Unfortunately, this method will not work when boiling soft-boiled eggs. Their cooking time is so short that you have to put them directly in boiling water.

little advice Another way to prevent eggs from cracking while cooking is to add a tablespoon of vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid to the water. Due to their pH, they will soften the skin a bit, making it more elastic and flexible. This will prevent it from breaking easily.

How to properly store hard-boiled eggs in the fridge?

Hard boiled eggs can be stored for quite a long time. Under refrigerated conditions, they should even last up to a week. As long as they go to the refrigerator shortly after cooking. They should not be kept hot, as this significantly shortens their shelf life.

Good to know : remember that the temperature at which we store the eggs should be around 4°C. It is also important not to store them in the refrigerator door, whether raw or cooked. In fact, it is the least suitable place, due to the frequent fluctuations in temperature that can spoil the eggs much more quickly.

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