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How to write words in bold, italics or strikethrough in your conversations?

WhatsApp is now an integral part of our daily means of communication. The app is a mine of secrets to be discovered for those who want to send original messages. Learn how to italicize, strikethrough, or bold on the platform.

The WhatsApp instant messaging application never ceases to amaze us with its multiple functions. Did you know that you can write in bold, italics or strikethrough thanks to this communication space?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications. This platform allows us to communicate at all times with our colleagues, friends and loved ones, regardless of distance. If it is possible to insert emojis or make video conferences, inserting bold characters, italics or strikethrough is simple. So you can put more fantasy in your WhatsApp messages.

To do this, you’ll need to use tags to enter special characters perfect for formatting your text. They must be inserted before and after the text. both on IOS and Android. You will surprise your contacts with these original messages! All you have to do is follow the instructions.


WhatsApp. source: spm

Send messages in bold on WhatsApp

There are several types of fonts with which you can enrich your messages on WhatsApp. For example, if you want to bold a word or sentence in the app, you’ll need to place two asterisks around the area of ​​text you want, *like this*. You will be surprised to see the result! WhatsApp is a mine of secrets available to its users. Thanks to a trick, you can monitor your contacts in no time.

write in cursive on whatsapp

You can also send a message in italics to your interlocutor. This is based on the same beacon principle explained above. To do this, you will have to place your word or expression between two underscores,_like this_. You will be able to see the characters and the transformed message even before you send it.

Send a crossed out message on WhatsApp

Just as you can send a message in bold and italics, it is possible to cross out your text using a tip in WhatsApp. For this, you will need place your characters between two accents, ~so~. Your words or phrases will be automatically crossed out before you send them.

There is another format in WhatsApp

Beyond writing in strikethrough, bold, or italics, WhatsApp allows another category of formatting. Your contacts will be amazed for the message they will receive!

Write a message in a minivan on WhatsApp?

You have surely noticed when using WhatsApp that only one source is offered. However, there is a hidden trick that will allow you to change it. You can go for the monospaced font which gives it a typewriter look. To send such a message, you must enclose your word or phrase in six backquotes, three before and three after, “`so”`.

It is a delicate operation but it allows you to stand out for the originality of your written message. To do this, press the apostrophe and choose the one that allows you to make a reverse quote.

WhatsApp has not stopped surprising you! You can not only change the format of the characters, but also the font, simply with tags.

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