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Why do you have to put money in pots? You don’t know how smart he is

If you’re tempted to hide your savings at home, know that there are several unlikely corners that allow you to keep your money safe. Therefore, you absolutely must know about this secret hideout!

In case of force majeure, having cash at home can be very useful. However, this money can easily be targeted by thieves or criminals. To make it safe at home, opt for the pot trick. That is how.

Do you prefer to always have cash on hand? Instead of putting it under the mattress, you can choose a clever hiding place like the flower pot that decorates your living room.

pots 2

Pots – Source: spm

If many people prefer to have their money at home, it is mainly for convenience. This is because it is more useful to have cash nearby in case of an emergency. By placing them in unexpected places like in a flower pot or flower pot, it would be inaccessible. A smart way to save money.

– How to hide money well in a pot?

The pot is probably a safe place for your money. To use it as a safe, start by placing your money in an airtight plastic bag, then bury it in the potting soil from your pot. Try to place it at the bottom of the pot so that it is not visible to the naked eye.

Warning: take the time to check the bag for holes beforehand so you don’t risk damaging your tickets.

When placed outside, the flower pot can also be a good hiding place for keys.

Other secret hiding places for your money

Hiding cash at home can be an interesting option. As with the flower pot trick, put your tickets in those unexpected places in your house and forget about them!

– Put your money in your socks

hide money in socks

Hiding money in socks – Source: spm

Your sock drawer can be a good hiding place for your money. Just roll up some bills before tying them with a rubber band. Then carefully put them into a pair of socks. Opt for the ones you rarely use so you don’t have to move your money often.

– Put your money in the center of a book

If you have a large library where you keep your private collection of books, it is certain that your treasure will never be discovered. To do this, open a book and place in the center of the notes contained in an envelope. If the latter is bulky, choose old, unusable books, and then cut out a few pages to create enough space for your tickets.

– Keep your money at the bottom of a cupboard or cabinet

money in the drawer

Money in the drawer – Source: spm

If you opt for this option, you will need to pre-package your money in an airtight kitchen bag. Then all you have to do is find a hidden corner in the back of your closet or in your drawer and hide your money there.

– Hide your money inside a shoe

You can also use a shoe to complete your list of favorite hiding places. For this, beautiful shoes that do not go unnoticed should be avoided. As soon as you find the right pair, get your money rolling before you put it on the sole of the shoe.

– Keep your money in a DVD case


DVD – Source: spm

Very little used these days, DVDs are an unlikely hiding place for your tickets. In an old collection that you keep preciously at home, you can hide an envelope full of bills. Then place it in the box of your choice. It is essential to classify the box with the rest of the DVD to prevent your hiding place from being discovered.

One thing is certain, there are many places to hide your savings. You just have to make the right choice and focus on the most discreet corners of your home. These stashes can also be used to hide all your small valuables.

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