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4 homemade tricks to clean your sneakers without damaging them

Coarse salt is a product that has many different uses around the home. One of them is whitening yellow cloth shoes. Its properties help loosen stuck-on dirt and can also help whiten clothes. This product is not lacking in homes, but most believe that it can only be used in the kitchen when preparing a dish. Find out how you can also use it when it comes to a problem that you probably have with a pair of shoes. What useful trick to know? It is particularly effective in summer!

The coarse salt trick: why put it in slippers?

home door sneakers

Slippers near the front door – Source: spm

The heat wave makes you sweat more and more and affects all parts of your body. Sports shoes after a hard day are clearly the first to be left in the hallway.

Unfortunately, you can’t wash them daily because they wear out quickly. You can fix this problem quickly and cheaply with a little coarse salt. The ingredient that is usually used eliminates the bad smell of shoes. Put a big handful of coarse salt inside and leave it for a few hours or even overnight, then remove it in the morning. The moisture will be absorbed and the unpleasant smell will disappear, and then you can wear your favorite sneakers the next day.

Other tricks to eliminate bad odors from shoes

dirty shoes

Dirty Shoes – Source: spm

The freezing technique is also effective. Simply put the shoes in a bag or baggie and place them in the freezer.

Preferably, avoid placing them near other products that you still have in the freezer, leave an empty shelf. The cold air will cool the fabrics inside, making the shoes a little more snug, and as a result, the smell of sweat will quickly disappear. You no longer need to use all kinds of supermarket products or wash them every day.

Another trick that is sure to work is tea bags. Put tea bags in your shoes and the next day you will realize that you no longer have this problem.

You can also use toothpaste. This solution is ideal for cleaning white rubber soles or shoes made of synthetic materials, such as plastic. To whiten sneakers using this method, you need a toothbrush, white toothpaste, and a damp cloth.

First, moisten your toothbrush with a bit of water, add a generous amount of toothpaste, and rub into the areas of the shoe you want to whiten. A foam will form in which all the dirt will be absorbed. Leave on for a few seconds before wiping off with a damp cloth.

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