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Why does a cat raise its tail in the presence of its owner? Experts explain this strange habit

Some of the habits of pets can be confusing to owners. To “read” the different signals that cats send you, you need to know their psychology and behavior well. Owners often don’t understand what it means when the cat raises its tail near them.

cat raising tail

Cat raising its tail – Source: spm

Why does a cat lift its tail?

When your cat raises its tail, it is simply trying to send you a message. Experts note that it is under the tail of any animal that important information is found, which they entrust only to the “chosen ones”.

If, for example, you are a connoisseur of cats, you will be able to know how old they are and what their health status is thanks to this part of their anatomy. This is important information that chat only shares with a limited number of trusted people. If an animal raises its tail frequently in your presence, it is a very good sign, it means that it trusts you.

This sign suggests that the master managed to establish a close relationship with the animal.

cat headshot

Cat Headbutt – Source: spm

How to know if your cat loves you?

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and less affectionate than dogs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their owners. Only it is important to learn to read their messages. Here are some signs that can show you that your cat loves you

  • He is always in the same room as you.

Your feline friend may not be as fond of you snuggling up on the couch like a dog or having her stomach rubbed, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. Cats can be particular about how much affection they can tolerate, but you’ve probably noticed that your cat often hangs out in the same room as you and watches you from afar. If you get up to go to another room, don’t be surprised if your feline friend is right behind you.

  • shows you his belly

Cats don’t show their bellies to just anyone! If your cat is lying down or rolling on the ground with the ground facing up, he is vulnerable. He is only in this position when he feels safe and trusts you.

  • he kicks you

Head butting is another way cats tell you they love you. When a cat rubs his head against you, he deposits pheromones on you from special glands on his face. Felines do this to mark their territory. If yours has a habit of headbutting you, it means that he wants other cats to know that he owns you.

Some cats can head-butt you hard, while others just prefer to snuggle up with their owners. Regardless of how your cat rubs his scent on you, you should feel privileged that he has chosen you to love you unconditionally.

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