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How to clean the toilet with coke?

Sparkling and refreshing, Coca-Cola is a very popular soft drink around the world. Some love it, some don’t. But beyond its particular flavor and mysterious formula, this soda can be used for unexpected purposes. Did you know that his elixir could be used to perform certain household tasks? Incredible but true ! If you were looking for cheap and non-toxic cleaning solutions, you will surely like this trick.

Disinfecting the bathrooms with Coca-Cola would never have occurred to us. And yet, its cleaning properties are quite remarkable: thanks to its acidity and caffeine content, you can say goodbye to tartar and lime stains. Your bathrooms will be clean and spotless. A simple, safe and economical method to discover in this article.

Coca-Cola, a solution for cleaning toilets

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning – Source: spm

Many videos on the web testify to this famous unexpected technique that highlights Coca-Cola’s cleaning performance. And the instructions for use are very simple: just pour one can down the toilet, then wait about an hour for a satisfactory result (even overnight would be ideal). Flush the toilet and you won’t even have to scrub! All limescale deposits and dirt residues will come off very easily. No more yellow marks and limescale stains. The bowl is perfectly white and brighter than ever!

NB: for greater effectiveness, some combine the drink with salt or baking soda.

But how can Coca-Cola have this purifying power? Apparently it acts as a detergent thanks to its low content of phosphoric and carbonic acid, generated by the carbonation process. Thus, this drink acts on embedded dirt and yellow or gray traces formed by limestone.

In other words, could we logically get the same result with other soft drinks? Possible. However, it turns out that not all of them have the same impact as Coca Cola, which seems to give very promising results.

Good to know : do not forget to let the drink flow over the top edge of the cup to remove any stains or scale. Let your action run for as long as possible, maybe even using a broom to make it work more effectively, before flushing.

Other domestic uses of Coca-Cola

clean toilet after cleaning

Cleaning toilets after cleaning – Source: spm

  • Removes grease or even blood stains from clothes and other textile products.
  • Removes rust embedded in various objects: simply submerge the rusty item in a container containing Coca-Cola for a few minutes.
  • Removes automotive oil stains that have built up on the garage floor over time.
  • Coca Cola can also be used in the garden to drive away pests and pests such as slugs and snails that invade plants.
  • It helps you quickly get rid of weeds that grow on exterior walls.
  • During the winter, Coca-Cola helps to defrost the windshield (very useful for motorists).
  • Clean the burnt residue that sticks to the bottom of the pans: just pour a little and wait half an hour for it to take effect. To avoid damage to the pan, do not pour cold or room temperature liquids until the pan has completely cooled.
  • Coca-Cola also cleans the floor: just pour the drink on the dirty tiles and let it act for a few minutes. Then rinse with clean water.
  • Do you have gum stuck in your hair? Wet the wick in question with a little Coca Cola, leave it to act for a few minutes and proceed to detachment. Then wash your hair.
  • Who would have thought, but Coca-Cola also cleans carpets! Did they smudge with pencil or marker? Pour a few drops on the dirty area and rub a little with an abrasive sponge. Complete disappearance!
  • This black drink can also be used to polish your silver jewelry. Simply moisten a cloth with Coca-Cola and rub the affected areas. Guaranteed shine!
  • Finally, in a few minutes, you will be able to dissolve the tea or coffee stains embedded in your cups.

You have to believe that Coca-Cola has more than one trick up its sleeve. If you don’t like to drink it, you can also consume it for useful purposes. And as you can see, opportunities abound!

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