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Put aluminum foil in front of the house door: it is the most effective solution against this problem

Aluminum foil is one of the amazing materials used in the kitchen. In addition to allowing you to cover cooked dishes, the latter can be useful to protect other objects in the house. However, by placing it near openings in your home, it can also have a deterrent power.

Why put aluminum foil in front of the front door?

If there is something that can hinder the day to day, it is being invaded by unwanted visitors such as certain animals, especially if you have a garden or a garden at home. To avoid this type of intrusion and preserve your crops and plantations, you can try this solution. It is very useful with a particular animal.

– Place a piece of aluminum in front of the door of the house to keep cats away

aluminum foil roll

Aluminum foil roll – Source: spm

Putting aluminum foil in front of the front door of the house may seem strange. However, this trick can be very helpful in deterring cats from entering your home. These animals fear the noise of this paper. All you have to do is hang a piece of aluminum foil on a stick to create a kind of flag and place it near your door. Thus, all these wandering visitors who will try to enter your house will be annoyed by the rustle of paper created by the wind. In addition, they will be dazzled by the reflection of light on the material.

If you have a cat at home, this technique will prevent it from scratching your sofa or bed. Simply cover the area in question with aluminum foil. This material surely eliminates your destructive cravings.

Other uses of aluminum foil in the home

In addition to the trick of aluminum foil to keep animals like cats away, it has other unsuspected uses.

– Iron clothes with aluminum foil

To iron your clothes in no time, simply slide aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. The iron will thus slide more quickly and will capture the heat for better diffusion; ironing will be easier.

– Remove traces of rust with aluminum foil

To get rid of rust residue on certain surfaces, simply crumple up some aluminum foil and moisten it. Rub the area to be treated in this way to remove all traces of rust.

aluminum ball

Aluminum ball – Source: spm

– Eliminate static electricity with aluminum ball

A fairly common phenomenon, static electricity can occur on clothing made of synthetic fabric. To overcome this inconvenience, put an aluminum ball in the dryer that will discharge the electricity from the clothes. This trick is cheaper since you can use your foil ball multiple times.

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