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How to wash beach towels without damaging them? The best trick to keep them for a long time

In summer, as it is called on a daily basis, many people do not even think about washing the towel for a long time. However, regular cleaning is necessary to make it last longer. The way you wash your beach towels is not done lightly. To avoid damaging them further, there are some precautions that should be taken. So you have to pay special attention to them.

A brief guide to take good care of your beach towels

Beach towels

Clean beach towels – Source: spm

Most beach towels are made from soft, absorbent cotton, which means they are easier to care for. Therefore, they can be machine washed with common detergents that you will find in all supermarkets. However, before starting the washing cycle, always carefully follow the washing instructions indicated on the product label.

clean beach towel

A clean towel on the beach – Source: spm

Shake the towel first, and then dry it in the sun.

While you’re still at the beach, before you leave, give the towel a good shake to remove any clumps of sand. Then, dry it perfectly in the sun before storing it. Although bacteria will embed themselves in the towel, the ultraviolet rays will dry it out and kill germs in the process.

Shake out your beach towel again

Once your towel has dried well in the sun, shake it vigorously again until it makes a snapping sound. This is undoubtedly the most important step, to prevent sand from entering the house and above all to avoid damaging your washing machine.

Apply cold wash cycle

Now let’s wash. Put your towel in the washing machine: If you have other towels to wash, think about sorting them so that only the same color clothes are thrown into the drum. Select the cold wash cycle. The cold temperature more easily prevents the remaining sand from embedding in the fibers of the towel. Which helps reduce shrinkage and keep colors vibrant longer.

Get rid of sunscreen stains

The biggest challenge is getting rid of sunscreen stains. The latter may contain an ingredient called “avobenzone”: when combined with lime-laden hard water, it can leave a rust-like stain. To avoid this problem, add a water softener to the load. If the stain remains, wash it with a commercial rust remover. However, if you spot the stain just as it’s developing, then you can rub it directly with sand to absorb the oil from the sunscreen.

Forget fabric softener!

When you wash your beach towels, don’t use too much laundry detergent and avoid using fabric softener. The combination of the two products can leave a waxy residue that reduces the absorbency and softness of the towel.

Remember to hang the towels to dry

What is the best and most eco-friendly way to dry clean beach towels? Hang them high in the open air. Of course, you can also tumble dry on low heat. But, to avoid any risk, make sure to check the label first, it can be a delicate fabric. It is best to always follow the specific washing and drying instructions of each brand.

Beach towels do not need to be washed after each use

To get rid of all the bacteria that can accumulate over the days, it is recommended to wash the beach towels after three uses on average. So you don’t have to clean them every day, except of course if you think they are really dirty!

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