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Why you should never use headphones when taking off the plane Tips that can save your life

When traveling, it is important to consider your safety. Air travel safety is an important aspect to consider. Air travel is one of the safest modes of transportation, but there are certain steps passengers can take to ensure safety on any journey.

Why is air travel considered the safest in the world?

Regular commuters have probably heard of the idea that flying is the safest mode of transportation, according to statistics.

Once on board the aircraft before takeoff, the cabin crew may ask the passenger to settle in and check various items. There are reasons for this and, in fact, there are rules that can save your life when traveling.

Here are the important cabin safety rules to follow.

1. Assemble folding tables and the seat must be in an upright position

The reason for this rule is that, if the aircraft were to be evacuated, there would be no low tables to prevent the evacuation. Plus, with all seats in the upright position, it’s much easier to get up from the aisle seat and quickly exit the plane. That is why it will be necessary to make sure to assemble the table at the end of its use.

2. Use of headphones

wear headphones

Headphone use – Source: spm

Some passengers are eager to watch a movie or listen to music during the flight. However, passengers are asked to wait after takeoff to use their headsets.

And for good reason, if an emergency occurs during takeoff, takeoff, and landing, passengers should hear cabin crew announcements or commands as clearly as possible.

Some airlines are stricter than others in this regard. Passengers are sometimes asked to remove their headphones. Other airlines require passengers to hand them in to the crew before landing checks.

3. Raise the porthole shutter

raised porthole shutters

Raised shutters – Source: spm

If the cabin crew asks you to raise the window shades before takeoff and landing, there is a good reason for this recommendation.

This rule allows the passenger to see what is happening outside. It also allows the cabin crew to assess weather conditions and any other situation that occurs outside the aircraft.

4. Keep items in storage spaces

During the security check, passengers may be asked to place their bag under the front seat or in the storage area. The reason for this is that take off and landing are done at speeds of around 250 km/h.

In the event of an accident, emergency stop or other disturbance, objects may fall. These can cause injury to the person and passengers around him.

5. Fasten your seat belt

Ignoring the seat belt warning light is potentially dangerous! This rule, known to all, must be followed during takeoff, landing or in the event of turbulence.


To ensure your safety during a flight, following these rules can save your life when you travel. Therefore, it is essential to know and apply them.

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