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A tornado arrives at these 2 posters: they will receive bad news

Two zodiacal profiles will experience a true black streak caused by the energy of Saturn in Aquarius, which can cause a period of bad weather. They will have to let go and listen to what their mood has to tell them.

What are the signs that you will receive bad news in the coming days?

The party will be over for two zodiac profiles whose mood will be affected by the events to come. Saturn in the sign of Aquarius, a sign known for its versatility, will come to cause ups and downs of emotions and potentially create conflict. Your life could change due to negative events. The two signs of the zodiac violently impacted by this astral movement can be inverted and full of doubts about their ability to change the situation. Whether in their personal, professional or love life, they may feel that nothing is right and that there is nothing they can do about it. This astral configuration can cast a specter of disappointment on the signs in question. They will have difficulty communicating and difficulty expressing their emotions tactfully. This period will undermine the security of these signs who will enter a period of anxious introspection that will not resolve things in any way. To get through this period, on the contrary, they will have to change their inner speech and learn to put things in perspective. They would also benefit from surrounding themselves with caring people who would lead them to change their perspective on life. Sometimes putting the words on paper will help them realize that this is a transition period before moving on to something more beautiful.



Aries – Source: spm

If the Aries native runs the risk of going through a dark period at the end of July, it is mainly because he will initiate conflicts due to the impatience that characterizes him. He will feel that nothing is going fast enough for him. and can attack people around him. These can be quite virulent with him, for good reason. This Fire sign may regret the harsh comments he has made towards his loved ones. His propensity to impulsively create problems can also impact his professional environment where his co-workers will get quite angry. Hierarchy could quickly make you realize that this behavior is unacceptable at work. Aries, bewildered, can feel persecuted and discouraged, despite their desire to do well. In business, hasty decisions can capsize the ship and have a lasting impact on the numbers. He will have to recover quickly so as not to lose everything. If he is single, he will be able more than ever feeling alone that will weigh more and more. As a couple, you may have doubts after the arguments that he has started with her partner. If she doesn’t learn to put her Ego aside and apologize, she is in real danger of finding herself alone. Sometimes you have to know how to choose your battles and abandon those that can only cause problems disproportionate to the situation.



Gemini – Source: spm

Saturn in Aquarius will have a big impact on this Air sign, who is also prone to mood swings. Usually cheerful, he can lose his lightness in this period that will make him question the meaning of his life. Those days that make him pensive can affect his confidence and make him doubt himself. These doubts run the risk of crippling you and making you less productive. The hierarchy will be able to make him understand that he will have to recover and not rest on his laurels. Only his professional life will not be the only one affected. Gemini can coping with significant stress from the vagaries of life that you can no longer deal with so easily. This anxiety about little things could cause a feeling of fear about the future. To overcome this period, this sign will have to show courage but above all serenity. And for good reason, nothing can last indefinitely and you will soon find lasting solutions after these difficult days. You will need to ask for supportive people because you are advised to remember your resources to weather this storm. Geminis are recommended to take care of the most urgent and not to be too demanding with themselves. Being patient is often the key to better appreciating the better days ahead.

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