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In addition to air conditioning, here is the device that inflates your bill in summer: turn it off!

Air conditioning has quite a significant impact on our electricity bill and this more often than we think. Yet another device we use could compete with the air conditioner we usually blame for everything.

woman examines bill

Woman looking at her electricity bill – Source: spm

What device, besides air conditioning, can increase your bill?

The Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (Ademe), provides for Europe 1, the list of the devices that consume the most energy in homes. It definitely seemed that the oven was at the top of the list, followed by the thermos, the radiator, the ceramic hob, the air conditioning, the dryer, the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the washing machine, as well as the computers and the television. According to Ademe, the dishwasher that is used daily consumes around 250 kWh per year. Therefore, reviewing our behavior towards this daily tool is necessary if we want to reduce our electricity bill.


Dishwasher – Source: spm

What actions to reduce the energy bill of the dishwasher?

We note that the frequency of use of this device has a direct impact on the electricity bill. In addition to this detail, the machine initially it is supposed to be cheaper than washing your hands which pushes us to consume about 40 liters of water compared to 12 liters of water with the dishwasher. Still, this value depends on the device model. The good news is that you can take further steps in certain device settings to further reduce your power consumption. With this in mind, you may choose to configure your machine to a delayed start to work between 10 pm and 6 am, that is, the hours of least activity.

Another action you can take is the one from the eco program, which consists in the case of certain dishwasher models in making significant savings. It would reduce electricity consumption by up to 45%.

dishwasher settings

Dishwasher Setup Modes – Source: spm

It is also recommended to use to the “half load” option if your dishes are not going to fill the entire appliance. It’s also worth remembering to account for how dirty your dishes are before choosing your wash cycle, and making sure to run the machine when it’s full.

Always keeping your electricity bill in mind, consider getting a smart dishwasher. And for good reason, it is able to automatically take into account the dirt on your dishes. choosing the correct wash temperature accordingly. This type of device can also measure the correct amount of water to use. If you can also invest in an A+++ class device, know that the latter consumes less energy and therefore remains a profitable option in the more or less long term.

In addition, the dishwasher, even in standby mode, consumes a power of 16 kWh/year, according to Ademe. If your device is off but still plugged in, it is still drawing power. Therefore, it is advisable to unplug electrical appliances with hidden consumption in standby mode, even if this risks altering the state of the socket and of the appliances. That said, for a washing machine or a dishwasher this disconnection is not always advisable. It could highlight water leaks in some cases.

It is obvious that the moderate use of air conditioning is essential. But optimizing the energy consumption of our dishwasher is also important to reduce the energy bill. Simple gestures can save lives.

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