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To show off a nice tanned complexion without using chemical self-tanners, you can follow this advice using good natural products. This method allows you to add color to your complexion without drying out your skin.

You can show off a tanned complexion without spending hours in the sun thanks to this trick that allows you to take care of your skin in a short time. To do this, follow these few steps to get an amazing result.

After making it through the winter season, sporting a tanned complexion without resorting to industrial self-tanner can be a small victory over this gloomy period. In fact, we are going to share with you a tip that will allow you to save money on cosmetic products. making your own self tanning lotion at home. This preparation allows you to have a natural self-tanner without exposing yourself to the sun. Julien Kaibeck, author of “Natural Wellness,” shares his natural self-tanning recipes to adopt on sunny days!

Looking good

Look good – Source: spm

– Make your own self-tanning cream with coffee

With this cream you will get quick results and a nice tanned complexion. To make it, you’ll need freeze-dried coffee and your favorite body moisturizer. Mix the previously ground coffee with your moisturizer and apply the solution on the parts of your body. Massage the mixture well and let it dry.

For a better fixation, it is recommended to use this tip after performing an effective homemade scrub to remove dead skin. Thanks to this trick, you will have a moisturizing and self-tanning treatment two in one.

Medium face natural tan

Half face natural tan – Source: spm

– Make your face and body self tan with carrot oil

For a progressive tan, this vegetable oil rich in beta-carotene is ideal for obtaining a naturally tanned complexion. To use as a self-tanning cream, warm three drops of the oil in your hands and apply to your body morning and night. Unlike other cosmetics, this natural remedy is moisturizing and non-comedogenic. Offers a tanned complexion similar to the color of apricot for fair skin and more brown for darker skin. A ritual that hydrates in depth while giving a caramel color to your skin.


Tan complexion – Source: spm

– Prepare your self-tanning cream with black tea for a guaranteed healthy glow!

Black tea is an ally to adopt for sunny days because it is rich in tannin, a substance that colors the skin. Rich in antioxidants, it has many properties that slow down skin aging. By making this natural self-tanning cream, you will not need to expose yourself to the sun with the risk of endangering the health of your skin and accelerating the aging of the epidermis.

To take advantage of this trick, pour a quarter of a liter of boiling water into a container in which you will infuse two tablespoons of black tea. After infusing the drink, let it cool for three hours. Then, using a clean cotton pad or cloth, apply it to all areas of your body and you will have a tanned complexion. This self-tanning cream rinses off with water and can be kept for seven days in the fridge.

natural tan effect

Natural tanning effect – Source: spm

You will have understood: you can make yourself a powerful moisturizing self-tanner with natural ingredients. It will be useful to have an even tan without exposing yourself to the sun.

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