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Here’s how to get free food and drinks on the plane, according to a flight attendant

A flight attendant revealed that it was possible to get a free meal and drink on your flight. There are tips that will allow you to receive these little free services if you fly to go on vacation. Even if you travel economy class, you can upgrade to a free premium meal and drinks.

How to get a free food and drink when traveling by plane?

A full meal on the plane.

A full meal on the plane – Source: spm

If you fly with a low-cost airline, you probably won’t get free meals on the plane or drinks included in the ticket price. By paying less for your plane ticket, you will have the services on board to pay on the spot if you consume them. But a stewardess has shared flight secrets so that you have a pleasant experience during your flight and enjoy free services on board. A retired flight attendant explains for SFGATE, a media site, how to get free food and drinks on the plane.

  • Be nice to the crew on board the plane.

To receive free food and drink during your flight, you just need to be courteous to the crew on board. It is advisable to have a minimum of gratitude towards the hostesses and stewardesses on board the plane. For example, a simple “hello” or “have a nice day” can please the crew because they rarely receive these signs of attention. Being courteous and warm could help you get free drinks and a meal on your flight.

  • Bring chocolates to the crew on board the plane.

A gift for the crew.

A gift to the crew – Source: spm

To obtain free services on board your flight, nothing better than offering a little attention to the stewards and hostesses that you will find on the plane or when boarding. For example, you can stop by the duty free to buy some sweets or chocolates to offer to the flight attendant or the stewardess who will welcome you on board the plane. For a few euros, you can thank them for their welcome and friendly service. Giving chocolates or sweets to the crew on board your flight is almost equivalent to tipping the waiter in the restaurant, while during a flight, the crew will make sure you have a pleasant trip by offering their services to you. Thanks to these little details, the hostesses and stewardesses will thank you and you will get certain advantages on board the plane.

  • If you miss a scheduled meal on the plane, you could receive a free upgrade to a premium meal

If you have an economy seat on the plane and you’re on a long flight, you might miss a meal if you oversleep. You can ask a flight attendant to serve you another meal. In this case, the butler or stewardess can offer you a high-end business class meal with better quality products and privileged service, if they do not already have a dedicated economy class meal.

Even if you fly with a low-cost airline, there are free things you can request on the plane. For example, if you are still hungry after a meal, you can request a double portion. For entertainment, the captain would be happy to give you a tour of the cabin. Who knows !

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