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How to refresh your house without spending a euro? The clever trick to try

The summer heat can quickly become unbearable, even in the house. Fortunately, it is possible to freshen it up with simple and effective tips. One thing is for sure: they need each other more than ever to get through the season!

When temperatures are very high, daily tasks become increasingly difficult and sleep less restful. But with clever tricks, you can also freshen up your apartment in the summer.

How to refresh your house without spending money: the method is revolutionary

rest in a room

Rest in a room – Source: spm

Air conditioning has a significant impact on both the environment and our bills. Not only is it expensive to install, but it also weighs heavily on our expenses.

With a series of small and effective gestures, you can refresh your home. It is recommended to first create shaded areas with plants or curtains. Open the blinds to the outside so that the sun’s rays do not reach your rooms directly. Gently dampen the curtains that cover the large windows to let the air cool.

Open the windows all night so the heat doesn’t stay in the room.

Other helpful tips

Watch TV

Watch TV – Source: spm

There are some behaviors and small precautions you can take to prevent the temperature from rising even higher in summer:

  • Use pillowcases and sheets made of silk, cotton and other breathable materials, it may seem hard to believe, but all these little details can prevent the temperature inside a house from rising by 2 or 3 degrees Celsius.
  • Damp cloths create evaporative cooling and help cool your apartment. Hang a damp cotton sheet or towel directly in front of the window. The moisture in the fabric is released into the surrounding air and cools the room.
  • You can also take a nice cold shower. It will refresh you in an instant.

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