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Why is it essential to add lemon to the broom? Most people ignore this trick.

Sometimes, to compensate for daily household chores, you don’t have to overcomplicate your life. Some ingredients, which are often already available at home, can do the trick perfectly. Like the lemon, this famous healthy fruit that spices up countless dishes. Who would have thought, but this fantastic citrus fruit also has unsuspected cleaning power. Stain remover, bleach, deodorant… Its properties are innumerable: for cleaning surfaces and household items, it is a companion of choice!

The lemon juice trick to give your broom a second life

Lemons to clean the house

Lemons to clean the house – Source: spm

Surely you have a good quality broom that does not leave residue or lint on the floor. Except that, as we can imagine, after a while, it is no longer as efficient as before and the results are less satisfactory. Due to wear and tear, its fringes or brushes have been gradually diminishing. In this case, our advice will be especially useful, as it will help you prolong the useful life of this tool, which is essential for cleaning your home.

First of all: you need to maintain your broom by cleaning it frequently. Rub the flexible surface against a wall to make sure there is no large debris.

If the brushes have already hardened or you want to prevent this from happening, you just need to simply use the skills of the lemon. In fact, if you pour hot lemon juice on it, you can soften the plastic part and bring back the broom’s lost smoothness. Then all you have to do is rinse well and let your broom dry properly. Of course, remember to clean it and disinfect it well so that it is operational again.

Other uses of lemon to clean and perfume the elements of your interior

Lemon to clean the house

Lemon to clean the house – Source: spm

In addition to being delicious, healthy, and acidic, lemon is an excellent cleansing agent. Change your classic products for this citrus with remarkable properties for cleaning and deodorizing various items.

  • How to properly clean the microwave oven? Take a bowl and fill it with water and fresh lemon juice (or zest). Install it on the device that you will turn on for 3-5 minutes. The time that the steam escapes and covers the interior to be able to easily remove embedded dirt residues. Turn off the microwave. Wait a few minutes for the bowl to cool down and remove it. Then, take a sponge and dip it into this lemon water to thoroughly clean the inside walls of the microwave oven. Guaranteed cleanliness with the added bonus of a delicate citrus scent!
  • Do you want to refresh wooden cutting boards? Surely you have one that reveals stubborn stains or smells strongly of garlic. No problem: sprinkle with a little salt, then rub the entire surface with half a lemon. Rinse and then repeat if necessary. After a while, the board will be almost as good as new and ready to go!
  • To deodorize the drain, rub some lemon zest in the toilet bowl, this will neutralize any bad odors that arise.
  • Have you ever thought about polishing your furniture with lemon? This trick works wonders: Make your own natural shoe polish by combining 2 parts olive oil with 1 part lemon juice. Apply with a cloth on wooden tables and chairs. The shine is amazing!
  • This is a task that many people see as a real chore: removing food remains that stick to airtight plastic containers. This greasy texture doesn’t seem to want to come off, however, you can easily get rid of it simply by using lemon juice. Rub into tough stains and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. Hop, the famous gravy trails are no longer relevant!

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