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6 washing mistakes that leave a bad smell in clothes: you have to avoid them

This article is not about knowing how to get rid of bad odours, but about listing washing errors that are supposed to cause damp odors on our clothes. Take a look at these false good ideas for laundry.

Washing mistakes that leave a musty smell on our clothes

Here are the main washing and drying mistakes that can be responsible for the musty smell that emanates from our clothes.

– Overloading the washing machine can cause a musty smell

machine overload

Machine overload – Source: spm

This is an error that involves overloading the washing machine drum. A counterproductive gesture that does not effectively clean clothes. An overfilled machine makes clothes more moist and requires much longer drying time.

– Lack of air favors the appearance of a musty smell

If your items are not ventilated enough during drying, moisture can form there. Don’t pile all your wet clothes into a dryer in hopes of saving time. under penalty of ending up with a rag that smells musty. It could also affect the fabric to the point that you have to iron a lot of clothes.

Therefore, it is better to space the washes while you give your clothes the space they need to dry properly. At the same time, be sure to ventilate the room for 15 minutes to allow free air flow. Good ventilation is important for the quality of drying.

– Drying clothes in a damp room can cause a musty smell

When it’s cold, another reflex is to dry clothes in a room like the bathroom. Note, however, that this is a bug. Shortness of breath will inevitably cause smells musty after a while. If you don’t want to open the windows in your house for fear of the cold, consider purchasing a dehumidifier to allow your items to dry faster.

– Not cleaning your washing machine can leave a musty smell on your clothes

machine cleaning

Machine cleaning – Source: spm

Washing machines tend to retain moisture, which will cause mold and a lingering odor. To avoid this, clean the drum with a homemade household cleaner, then run a high-heat vacuum cycle after pouring a few tablespoons of baking soda into the detergent drawer. The baking soda will not only help kill bacteria, it will also deodorize the machine.

Also, between each use, remember to leave the door of your appliance ajar. In fact, good ventilation allows good quality drying and therefore prevents clothes from smelling musty. Another detail, remember that the rubber gaskets of the drum can harbor dirt and bacteria. Don’t hesitate to clean and disinfect them.

– Inadequate amount of detergent can contribute to musty odor

If you think using a lot of detergent will save you time and efficiency, think again. Excessive use of detergent will only create suds that traps dirt and bacteria responsible for bad odours.

Simply refer to the label and markers on the lid to use the correct amount of detergent. As for the temperature of the water, he prefers to use hot water for fabrics that support it to better eradicate bacteria.

– Frequent use of fabric softener is also responsible for the musty smell

softener 7

Fabric softener – Source: spm

It’s hard not to want to give in to using fabric softener to scent and soften our textiles. However, frequent use will only mask unwanted odors. instead of neutralizing them. Instead, it is advisable to prefer white vinegar that seeks a deodorant and disinfectant power.

If you find it difficult to give up the fragrant characteristics of a fabric softener, you can always pour a few drops of essential oil diluted in water in the corresponding compartment. Thyme, mint, lavender or even eucalyptus, you have something for everyone. You can also make your own fabric softener without chemicals.

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