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What is the aluminum foil in cigarette packs really for? The detail that smokers do not notice

Have you ever noticed that you can find aluminum foil inside cigarette packs? This element that belongs to the manufacturing process has a use.

What is the role of aluminum foil in cigarette packages?

Open pack of cigarettes

Open pack of cigarettes – Source: spm

Few smokers are aware of the role of aluminum foil in wrappers. If you have this harmful habit, quickly throwing away the aluminum foil that covers the cigarettes is an automatic gesture for you.

However, this object has a rather important role. And for good reason, this sheet keeps tobacco dry and protects cigarettes from moisture. Aluminum foil also helps retain the aroma longer.

A 2010 global study by the World Health Organization shows that approximately 600,000 people die each year from second-hand smoke, a third of whom are children who have been exposed to cigarette smoke in the home.

In the 20th century, about 100 million people died from smoking.

The “National No Tobacco Day” was proposed by the government, for the prevention and fight against the effects of tobacco consumption, in order to make the population aware of the advantages of quitting smoking.

In the context of the strategic marketing reorientation of the tobacco industry in recent years, through new products (electronic cigarettes, tobacco products for heating) and positioning, the medical community faces a challenge similar to that of decades: that of returning to gather ranks. in the face of this new threat and the attempts of the tobacco industry to destroy the efforts and the substantial advances in the protection of the health of the population”.

How do tobacco packaging encourage young people to smoke?

Open pack of cigarettes

Open the pack of cigarettes – Source: spm

There is ample evidence that packages designed with attractive logos and colors attract young people to smoke. The tobacco industry has invested heavily in designing attractive packaging to create addiction among new smokers.

Do cigarette packs have an expiration date?

The cigarette package does not contain an expiration date. And there is a logic behind this fact.

The cigarette package does not have an expiration date printed on it, as the World Health Organization advises tobacco companies not to do so.

Printing an expiration date on cigarettes will mislead consumers into thinking it is “safe” to smoke the product before it expires. It is important to clarify that the fact that cigarettes do not have an expiration date printed on the packaging does not mean that they do not deteriorate.

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