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Why is it essential to put the bread in the oven right after cleaning it?

To ensure your baked goods don’t absorb these odors, place any of these four ingredients in the oven directly after cleaning.

What can be put in the oven to remove odors from detergent products?

Some cleaning products, in addition to being corrosive, give off strong odors inside the oven, which can compromise its subsequent use. Fortunately, certain ingredients, which you can find in your kitchen, allow you to absorb these odors.

  • Place a slice of bread and vinegar in the oven.

sandwich bread 3

Sliced ​​bread – Source: spm

To remove odors from detergent products used in the oven, you can place a slice of bread in it. In fact, this ingredient is recognized for its ability to absorb unpleasant odours. Start by preheating your oven at 180° for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, cut a slice of bread and place it in an oven-safe bowl before soaking it in white vinegar. After turning off the oven, place the bowl on the rack and let it sit overnight. The next day, when you open the oven, you won’t smell anymore! It is also possible to use white vinegar alone to combat bad odours. To do this, simply place a small container of white vinegar in your oven heated to a high temperature. After an hour, the evaporation of this natural cleaning product eliminates persistent odours.

  • Put the citrus or apple peels in the oven

citrus peel 2

Citrus peels – Source: spm

Orange or lemon peels are well known for their deodorizing properties. To eliminate odors, sprinkle citrus peels in your oven. Then heat your oven to 180° for 15 minutes. Then turn off your device and let it cool down. When you open your oven, you will notice that it gives off a pleasant and subtle smell. Similarly, apple peels can be inserted in the oven to combat strong chemical odors.

  • Place a bowl of baking soda in the oven

Sodium Bicarbonate 31

Sodium Bicarbonate – Source: spm

In addition to being an excellent cleaning and descaling agent, baking soda can also neutralize odors. To do this, dilute 5 teaspoons of baking soda in a container of water that you will place in your oven. Before inserting it into your appliance, your oven must be preheated to a high temperature for 5 minutes. From then on, you can bake the bowl of baking soda for an hour. The steam that forms in the oven will help eliminate strong odors.

  • Use vanilla to eliminate oven odors.

Vanilla can be an excellent alternative to clean the oven but also to eliminate bad odors from cleaning chemicals. For greater effectiveness vanilla should be used. To do this, use a container that you fill with water and a few drops of liquid vanilla extract. Then place it in your oven and turn it off when the water starts to boil. Let this solution work without opening the device for a whole night. The steam that forms inside will neutralize the smell of detergent products. You can then clean the inside of the oven with a soft sponge soaked in water to remove any drops that form on the glass and the inside walls of the oven.

After using one of these tricks, remember to leave the oven door ajar for better ventilation. So you can say goodbye to detergent smells.

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