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The month of August 2022 will bring a lot of happiness to these 4 zodiac signs: they will realize their dreams

Happiness will accompany the natives of 4 signs of the zodiac during the month of August. They will have the opportunity to realize their dreams, and they will have good times at work, but also in their love life.

Which 4 zodiac signs will experience happiness in August?

From July 19 to August 4, Mercury, planet of intelligence and business, transits through the ambitious sign of Leo. Mercury in Leo promotes our self-confidence and endows us with a favorable energy to achieve our professional goals. Our communication becomes more fluid and we manage to defend our ideas brilliantly. After Leo, Mercury will transit through the sign of Virgo. An ambitious and perfectionist sign that knows how to achieve their goals and succeed in their business. The entry of Venus, planet of love, in the sign of Leo, on August 11, encourages romantic encounters and stories of rose water.

This August astral configuration will be favorable for the natives of these 4 zodiac signs.

  • Cancer


Cancer. source: spm

Mercury’s entry into the sign of Virgo allows Cancer to get out of your comfort zone. This sign, which is usually shy and reserved, can Showcasing your talents and abilities. Mercury energy allows you to succeed in your work and brilliantly defend your creative ideas. That said, the native of this sign will be able to fulfill his dreams during the month of August and achieve the professional success to which he aspired. This success will allow you to increase your popularity at work and improve your finances. On the love side, this sensitive and emotional Water sign will be able to come out of celibacy during the month of August. A chance meeting will give birth to a true love story.

  • Lion


Lion. source: spm

The native of this sign will be able to follow their ambitions and aspirations during the month of August. Stubborn and determined by nature, he will fervently defend his ideas and even get them approved within the hierarchy. This Fire sign will not only be able to work on the projects that are close to his heart, but also succeed in them. thanks to his sense of leadership. A good flow of cash will await the Lion during the month of August. Likewise, Venus in the sign of Leo will allow the native of this sign be more enterprising in love, and take the first step when someone likes you.

  • Virgin


Virgin. source: spm

During the month of August, all of Our Lady’s projects will go well. Mercure will allow you to successfully implement her projects, and manage your time well, although she is overwhelmed with work. The native of this sign you will also feel fulfilled in your work, And for good reason, you will be able to undertake new activities and professional experiences that will allow you to break the monotony of work. During this month of August, Venus will allow this earth sign to have pleasant encounters that will brighten up your summer.

  • Balance


Balance. source: spm

Venus in Leo will endow Libra with a charisma and an aura that will make them irresistible. she can therefore you will attract into your network the person who will make your heart beat. The native of this sign will live during this month of August a beautiful romantic idyll that will make him forget the disappointments of the past. This Air sign will also know good morning at work. He will be able during this month to negotiate his projects with disconcerting ease, and also get approval from your superior. Libra will also be able to realize their professional goals and achieve the professional advancement they dreamed of. In fact, she can improve your professional status, and access high positions.

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