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Which of these three seated men is waiting for his partner? A clue in the image gives the correct answer.

This is the visual puzzle of the moment! It is mainly a way to stimulate the mind and logic, but also to develop and test everyone’s visual ability. This way you can test your limits and your responsiveness. Do you think you can solve the puzzle in record time or do you think the challenge is going to be much more difficult than expected? Of course, we’ll give you the answer at the end of the article, but don’t cheat, we’re counting on you to play!

visual challenge

Visual challenge “Waiting for someone” – Source: spm

What is the point of this visual challenge?

In this image, you will see a fairly classic scene in a coffee shop: three men, dressed differently, are each sitting at a table. One is drinking coffee, the other is eating something, and the last one is probably waving to the waiter. But, only one of them is waiting for a person for a single date. Guess which one!

A priori, any of them could have someone visit. But in fact it is only one. Do not rush: even if you think you already know the answer, it is possible that the one that comes to mind is not the correct one. As you can imagine, if this kind of challenge was that simple and obvious, there wouldn’t be as much excitement on social media. Instead, try to pay attention to every detail you see in the image, to determine which of these men is waiting for his date and why.

To find the final solution, you will have to concentrate carefully, to have intelligent reflection while letting your logic do the talking.

If you can solve this visual puzzle, you can understand how reasoning influences the brain. The problem that often comes up with these types of visual challenges is that they can quickly become very complex for some people who focus on trivial details, not seeing the most tell-tale signs. However, the advantage of this type of exercise is that it is very useful to help us develop our skills. It even makes our brain think deeply before coming to a conclusion. And if it’s right or wrong. The important thing is to make our brain work by stimulating concentration, memorization and the spirit of analysis.

Little clue to solve the riddle.

If you want a clue to find the solution to the visual puzzle, we recommend that you look at the objects that each of the protagonists has in their hands. Indeed, this way it will surely be easier for you to solve the riddle and dispel your doubts.

Have you observed each object well and you are still in the dark? If you still can’t complete the challenge or if you still have serious doubts about the correctness of the solution, here is the final solution and its explanation. In this way, you will be able to verify at your leisure if your previous reasoning was really on the right track or if it was completely wrong.

Here is the solution to the visual challenge.

If you couldn’t figure out the solution to this visual riddle, or just came to a lukewarm conclusion, this is the correct answer.

You should know that it is the man in the middle who is waiting for his date: if you pay attention to the image again, you can clearly see that this man is looking at his cell phone with one hand and holding his coffee with the other. . . But, if you take a closer look, in front of him, there is an object placed on the table. It is true that it is slightly recessed, but it is a small gift box. Proof that he is waiting for someone to deliver this item to him.

Did you notice this little detail or not at all?

visual challenge solution

Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

Facing this visual enigma, beyond the ability to reason and solve the challenge, it also allows us to develop the ability to focus more on what our eyes perceive in a specific visual field, and above all the ability to correctly interpret what captures the eye.

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