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Why should a hair dryer be used in the kitchen? It’s more useful than you think

Most use multiple appliances in the kitchen, including a microwave oven, food processor, etc. The function of each device depends on the use that we want to associate with it. The hot air from the hair dryer can have many practical applications that may surprise you.

How to use the hair dryer in the kitchen?

Hair dryer in the bathroom.

Hair dryer in the bathroom – Source: spm

The hot air from the hair dryer can make many tasks easier. For this reason, some celebrity chefs always have a hair dryer on hand. Although it may seem surprising, this device can help much more than it seems in the kitchen. You can heat, melt, dry, cool or even clean…

It is recommended to invest in a specific hair dryer for the kitchen and not use the one in the bathroom to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria.

Discover a list of tasks for which this device can be used.

How to use the hair dryer in the kitchen?

Hair dryer on the table

Hair dryer on the table – Source: spm

  1. Melt chocolate: This is one of the most recommended uses for a hair dryer in the kitchen.

It’s also one of the fastest options because you don’t have to boil water for a double boiler or use the microwave. At the same time, this trick prevents the chocolate from burning or sticking.

  1. Melt the butter Cut the butter into small pieces and melt it with a hair dryer.
  2. If you want to caramelize the sugar, you can use the hair dryer to melt it.
  3. If you must use a strainer that you just washed to sift the flour, dry it with a hair dryer. Obviously, it will be drier than if you use a kitchen towel.
  4. Dry cake pans before storing. This will prevent rust from forming.
  5. Remove the crumbs from the toaster with the hair dryer.
  6. Another trick is to dry the potatoes before putting them in the pot. This will reduce humidity much more effectively.

Minimize the use of this device on your hair

While blow drying can be effective for drying and styling your hair, it can damage your hair in the long run. Specialists recommend favoring air drying to take care of the hair fiber.

Appliances such as hair dryers, straightening irons, hot curling irons and rotating brushes can cause hair loss if not cared for and moisturized enough.

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