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Caries, canker sores, gingivitis… Homeopathy can soothe your mouth

Mouth infections are unpleasant because they sometimes prevent you from eating or swallowing properly. If in some cases a consultation with the dentist is necessary, homeopathy helps you to temporarily relieve the pain. Dr. Frédéric Rérolle gives you his recommendations to relieve an abscess, a cavity or even prepare for surgery at the dentist.

Tooth and gum problems can occur throughout life and are largely influenced by oral hygiene and diet.

Hygiene tips:

  • regular tooth brushing,Twice a day preferably with an electric brush to better reach all sides and use of interdental brushes.
  • Balanced diet without sugar and without snacking.

In fact, this causes spikes in acidity in the mouth, favorable to the development of bacteria that will cause tooth decay and inflammation of the gums.

  • Periodic visits to the dentist and desquamation once a year.

This prevention through good hygiene is very important not only to maintain good dental condition, but also because caries and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) can affect the entire body. In particular, studies have shown a 2-fold risk of heart attack and a 5-fold risk of stroke, aggravation of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and intestinal dysbiosis (imbalance of flora).

Caries or pulpitis and homeopathy

have a toothache

Having a toothache – source: spm

Pulpitis is the inflammation of the dental pulp, which is the richly vascularized and innervated connective tissue found in the central cavity of the tooth.

It is the result of the evolution of untreated caries or trauma to the tooth.

Evolving inside the tooth, therefore in a closed cavity, pulpitis very quickly becomes very painful, because the inflammation causes an increase in volume due to the influx of blood.

Your dentist will make the diagnosis based on clinical signs and x-rays.

Treatment consists of removal of carious tissue and restoration of the decayed tooth. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out a treatment of the dental canals or the extraction of the tooth.

While you wait for your appointment, you can feel relieved by choosing among the homeopathic remedies following the one that best suits your condition.

  • Aconitum napellus 9CH:Your pain started suddenly after a cold snap or shock. It is violent, excruciating, aggravated by cold, and you are restless and afraid of dying.
  • Belladonna 9CH: The pain comes and goes suddenly. It causes less restlessness than Aconitum, but is more irritable.

You suffer less from having your head elevated, at rest, from cold water and pressure. The pain worsens with jerking and a flat head when lying down.

  • Bryonia 9CH:Your pain comes on gradually, with tearing, stinging and pulling sensations, caused by anything hot, especially food, smoking, touch, pressure (when eating). Worse from movement, external heat. Better from cold water and from lying on the sick side.
  • Chamomile 15CH:Pain makes you irritable and hypersensitive. Intermittent pain, night, in bed, caused by food. Stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing pains. Aggravations by inhaling cold air, after coffee, lying down, by the heat of the bed, by something hot, by chewing, by pressure. Cold water improvements.
  • 9CH Coffee:If you are an excited and hyperactive brain. You have an intolerance to pain that makes you very agitated, it exasperates you. The pains are caused by external heat, anything hot, hot food, temporarily relieved by keeping cold water in the mouth until it warms up. Tearing, neuralgic, sometimes throbbing pains.
  • Creosote 9CH:Early dental caries. Blackened teeth.

Abscess in the initial stage.

  • Pyrogen 7CH:You can try to abort the evolution of the abscess by taking this biotherapeutic 3 times a day for a few days.
  • Hepar sulfur 7CH: In case of abscess in a more advanced stage, with accumulated pus, take a granule every hour, spacing the doses according to the improvement, maximum 2 days. This will help drain the abscess.

In case of dental surgery

A dentist examining his patient

A dentist examining his patient – ​​source: spm

Before the intervention

Make a mouthwash 3 times a day with the following mixture: 5 drops of mother tincture of calendula and echinacea in 1/4 glass of warm water, and leave to act for 1 minute.

This preventive oral disinfection will allow cleaning the area before any surgical intervention, thus improving its consequences.

after the procedure

  • Arnica 9CH: To prevent bleeding and bruising, take one pill, 3 times a day for 2 days.
  • 9CH phosphor: In case of profuse bleeding, if you are very sensitive, but also if you tend to bleed easily from the nose.
  • Creosote 9CH:If you are bleeding a lot from your gums after tooth extraction.
  • Hypericum perfoliatum 9CH: In case of radiating pain along the course of the nerve.


A canker sore is a benign, painful ulceration of the lining of the mouth. It’s not serious, but it’s still unpleasant. Canker sores are most often found inside the cheeks, but also on the gums or tongue. They are favored by certain foods (such as nuts, peanuts, Swiss cheese, strawberries, tomatoes, etc.), fatigue or stress. These canker sores heal on their own, but you can relieve them more quickly with one of the following medications:

  • Arsenicum 9CH Album:Canker sores are bluish in color and very painful with a burning sensation; They get worse at night.
  • Borax 5CH:If the mouth ulcers are made up of white spots surrounded by red with burning pains, and they bleed easily.
  • Kalium bichromicum 9CH: This remedy corresponds to small ulcerations in the mouth, often on the palate, accompanied by localized stabbing pain and thick saliva.
  • Mercury corrosivus 9CH:The ulcers are numerous, the mucous membrane of the mouth is dark red, with violent burning pains; swallowing is very painful and saliva is abundant.
  • Staphysagria 15CH:The base of the mouth ulcer is yellowish in color; the surge often follows repressed anger, frustration.
  • Sulfuric acid 9CH:Canker sores are very painful, with a white coating and a foul-smelling pus discharge.

Gingivitis: inflammation of the gums

If you suffer from swollen gums, especially if they tend to recede, you should first consult your dentist.

In the meantime, here are some remedies that can help you:

  • Creosote 9CH: The gums are swollen, red or bluish, they bleed easily. It is a very interesting drug during difficult teething in children with very painful, swollen gums and accompanied by acrid diarrhea.
  • 9CH phosphor: The gums are swollen, bright red, protrude from the teeth with a tendency to suppurate and bleed.
  • Silica 9CH:When recurrent abscess of the gums, with a tendency to suppuration, as well as fistulas.

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