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How to prevent fogging from forming on the bathroom mirror? Simply clean it with this secret product.

Among the most tedious household chores is cleaning the mirrors. And it is not for less, after a good bath with hot water or a nice shower, the bathroom mirror completely fogs up. Sometimes, it is not necessary to buy expensive products to overcome this phenomenon.

How to prevent the mirror from fogging up?

Clean the bathroom mirror

Cleaning the bathroom mirror – Source: spm

After a hot bath, the mirror above the sink attracts moisture and steam, causing it to fog up. This condensation can remain intact even after cleaning.

To clean the bathroom mirror, you can use a microfiber cloth. Moisten it with a little alcohol and clean the stains. To avoid stains and tarnishing, do not use solvent products but shaving foam. Apply the latter directly on the mirror, distribute it and then clean the surface with a cloth. All you have to do is rinse and your mirror will be sparkling clean and protected from fogging.

How to keep mirrors clean?

Look in the clean bathroom mirror

Look in the clean bathroom mirror – Source: spm

Steam appears on bathroom mirrors due to the phenomenon of condensation. When the room fills with steam from a shower, for example, it condenses on the glass and mists up.

If you often notice unsightly marks when cleaning the mirrors in your home, you should know that there are several simple and effective solutions that will allow you to obtain convincing results. Available ingredients can effectively clean mirrors. The most effective is domestic alcohol. You will only need a small amount on a paper towel or piece of newspaper. Clean all the stains and you will achieve a spectacular effect.

White vinegar can also come to your rescue to clean the mirror. You’ll need to clean the mirror first with diluted soap and water, then add a small cup of white vinegar to the mix. If the mirror is clean but has marks, roll a piece of newspaper into a ball. Soak it in the solution and then wipe the stains.

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