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Can keys be added to the car key fob? The mistake many people make

Some people prefer to have a keychain that includes not only car keys, but also house keys and much more. Only, these endanger your vehicle. The extra weight can have a negative effect on contact with the car, experts say.

Why don’t you need to add other keys to the car key fob?

car contact

Contact car – Source: spm

Many wonder how additional keys could affect the car. According to experts, the extra weight on the roof rack will have a long-term effect.

And for good reason, the latter can damage the contact elements of the car (the element that receives the car’s ignition key).

“If you have too many keys held by the vehicle’s ignition, you can damage the fragile internal components of the ignition cylinder,” explains Jake McKenzie.

The contact cylinder was not designed to withstand such weight and when you have a fairly heavy key fob, with each movement it will slowly damage the internal elements that are fragile.

According to experts, this damage can have serious repercussions. If the ignition cylinder is broken, it could lead to car starting problems or other safety issues.

“My husband had dozens of keys on his keychain. The weight moved so much on the car’s ignition while he was driving that he was able to pull the key out of the ignition and the car continued to run,” said Lauren Milligan of ResuMayday.

“Before this happened, his mechanic had warned him several times that his key fob was too heavy,” says his wife.

Extra weight on the keychain can cause serious problems

hold the car keys

Holding car keys – Source: spm

In this situation, the problem is not the keys or the fobs, but the weight that is exerted on the ignition of the car. In general, experts believe that a maximum of 1-2 keys is recommended. They still recommend minimizing this number whenever possible.

The ideal option, according to specialists, is that there are no other keys on the car’s keychain.

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